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Elisabeth in Barcelona, Placa Catalunya Teije in Barcelona, on the roof of Casa Mila We like to travel and now and then we visit a specific city for a couple of days or longer. Barcelona is our favourite city in Europe.
On our longer trips by car through Europe we have also visited a lot of cities which you can find through the menu or in the list below. Join us on our travels, have a look at the photographs or make online jigsaw puzzles of the travelpictures.
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City trips in Europe and Africa

There are a few cities we cover specifically on this website: Barcelona, Berlin, London and Marrakech. But we visited more major cities when we were travelling though Europe and Africa. Below a list of major cities (capitals and cities where we spend a few days) and a link to the travelogue about our visit to that specific city. When the travelogue has not been translated yet, we point to the page with photographs of that country.
We still have to translate our trip to Amsterdam; here you can see some photographs In 2004 we stayed a week in Aswan, Egypt We have been 4 times to Barcelona now, our favourite city in Europe In 2002 we spend a few days in Berlin, the capital of Germany In 2003 we went to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, for one day On our way to Sweden we spend a couple of hours in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark We still have to translate our travel account for Croatia, 2007; here some photographs Every year we visit Scotland and we have been to Edinburgh a few times On our journey through Scandinavia (2002) we also visited Helsinki, capital of Finland For two days we walk through Lisbon, capital of Portugal, in 2001 The travlogue for Slovenia and the capital Ljubljana are not translated yet Our trip to Luxembourg hasn't been translated yet; some photographs here In 2004 we stayed a week in Luxor, Egypt In 2003 we visited Marrakech, Morocco, for a week On our journey through Norway (20020 we also visited the capital Oslo We haven't translated the travelogue for Montenegro yet In 2004 we spend two days in Rome, capital of Italy On our journey through Scandinavia (2002) we also visited Stockholm, capital of Sweden Prague (capital of Czechia) is a nice city we visted 3 days, too short We visited Vatican City when travelling through Italy in 2004 On our journey through Central Europe we visited Vienna, capital of Austria, for two days
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