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News about the website, updates (23 January 2009)

Here we will place all news about the changes on the website. Since all changes in the past on www.teije.nl are no longer of consequence for this website we made just a short overview of those changes. From now on our travel website in English has been born again as an independant site.


2 February The whole English part of www.teije.nl has been transferred including (and adding more) the puzzle pages, 1,392 in total. Just now we are checking for errors before we transfer the website for good. We used a lot of php and datbases but during the process of transferring the website we have learned so much that in fact we should start all over again doing it even more efficient with the knowledge we have now. But we keep that for later.
Just one thing left, after we have checked all pages: translate all travelogues from 2006 until now...

23 January In the last two weeks we have transferred and changed all English pages form www.teije.nl to this new website www.havetravelfun.com. The layout has been changed and we make more use of css to separate the layout form the content. That way it is easier to maintain the website. We also automated a few things, using mysql databases and php instead of pure html-pages. In the process we made a lot of new pages (all missing country information pages are ready now) and updated the text on quite a few.
There are a few things left to do:
- updating the sitemaps;
- updating all (1,350!) puzzle pages;
- making a contact form and a form for suggesting a link;
- and the last and most important: translating all travelogues from 2006, 122 pages; that will take the most time...

2001 - 2008

Dec. 19, 2008 We have claimed the domain www.havetravelfun.com to give the English part of www.teije.nl an independant live!.
2006 - 2008 These years we have spend most time updating the Dutch part of www.teije.nl. Changes we made in that period are not interesting anymore.
2005 In 2005 we made a major change to the website taking it out of frames and started using templates and css to give the site a better look.
2003 - 2004 In 2004 the whole website was restyled (again) and we translated all pages into English.
2002 We have been very busy updating the website with all travelogues
Nov. 12, 2001 We have claimed the domain www.teije.nl and we have moved the site there.
Oct. 14, 2001 Our first website goes online, on our personal pages with @home in Holland.
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