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Exploring Albufeira

We didn't ask for electricity near our tent, but it is very convenient to have a power outlet where we can plug in our water cattle. With coffee, tea and fresh rolls we have a luxurious breakfast. It is quite early, because it is terrible to lie in a tent when temperatures quickly rise above 30°C before 9 in the morning. At 10 we have an appointment with our friend Monique who shows us a lot of Albufeira and the neighbourhood that day.
Finally together on a picture Thanks to her we see places where we normally would never come and soon we get the picture of Albufeira, once a very small fishing village, now growing fast into a tourist city. It now stretches for many kilometers along the shore, mostly covered by tourist complexes and hotels.
Enrique and Monique Monique and Teije After driving a few hours we go to the restaurant (one of the many thousands) where Monique's friend, Enrique, is manager. We are not jealous: he works long days and earns less than most Dutch people!
After having a meal we go on our way to drive around and we see many beautiful spots. Unfortunately, we forget to make more pictures. At night we are glad to be back on the campsite after the long trip and to be on our own and enjoy this beautiful (and very warm) country.
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