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To Casfreires near Satão

We don't know exactly where to go, but we want a campsite with a swimming pool, if possible. And it must not be too far away to make trips to Viseu, Coimbra and the mountain range Serra da Estrella. So we find out there is only one campsite we can go to, one run by Dutch people in Casfreires, near Satão. The trip takes us through beautiful sceneries and we are really glad we have left Praia da Mira.
20 km. before the campsite there are clear signs showing the direction. We are welcomed very friendly and get a welcome drink. We don't like the fact there are almost only Dutch people (we haven't left Holland to meet other Dutch people here!), but they are allright. We find a nice spot for the tent and at night it is very pleasant in the pub of the campsite. It is still not very warm so it is nice to be able to sit inside. Sorry, we didn't take any pictures.
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