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Alphabetical castle list, D - G

More than 1200 castles and other medieval buildings can be found in Scotland; here we have a list of more than 300 of them, mostly castles, divided over several pages. When you miss an important monument, or see an error, please mail us. We tried to find a website for every castle to provide more information and pictures.
Choose a letter of scroll to the desired castle. The last column points to a website of the castle or its owner itself.
Name Century Remarks Area Site
Dairsie Castle 16 Completely renovated and still inhabited Fife  
Dalcross Castle 17   Highlands, near Inverness  
Dalhousie Castle 13 Hotel and restaurant Near Edinburgh YES
Dalkeith Castle 12   Lothian  
Dalnaglar Castle 18   Perthshire, near Blairgowrie  
Dalquharran 15 2 castles; one from the 15th c. and one from the 18th c. Ayrshire, Girvan  
Darnaway Castle 13   Highlands, Forres  
Dean Castle 14 Used to be called Kilmarnock Castle Ayrshire, near Kilmarnock  
Delgatie Castle 11 Now a hotel Highlands, Banffshire YES
Denmylne Tower 16   Fife  
Dirleton Castle 13 Very impressive castle Lothians  
Dornoch Castle 13 Now a hotel Highlands, Sutherland  
Douglas Castle   Also called Castle Dangerous Lanarkshire  
Doune Castle 14 Location where Monthy Python and the Holy Grail was filmed Argyll  
Drochil Castle 16 Ruin near Peebles  
Drum Castle 13   Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Drumlanrig Castle 17   Dumfriesshire YES
Drummond Castle 15   Perthshire  
Duart Castle 13   Argyll, Mull  
Duchal Castle 14   Ayrshire  
Dudhope Castle 17   Dundee  
Duffus Castle 12 Ruin Grampians  
Dumbarton Castle 5 The oldest part which has been preserved, dates back to the 14th century Argyll  
Dun a'Bhuilg   Beautiful area, but nothing left of the castle Argyll  
Dun a'Chaisteal   Fortress from the Iron Age, inhabited 400 BC. - 1000 AD. Argyll  
Dunans Castle 19 Was a hotel, burned down in 2001 Argyll  
Dunbar Castle 12   East Lothian  
Dun Beag   Broch (fortified tower) from the Iron Age; was inhabited until the 18th c. Highlands, Skye  
Dunbeath Castle 17 Private property, still inhabited Highlands  
Dundas Castle 19 Now a luxurious estate Near Edinburgh YES
Dundonald Castle 14 Before the present castle there had been build already 2 castles on this place which also had been destroyed. In prehistoric times there had been a fortress already. Ayrshire  
Dunduff Castle 15 Was a ruin but has been reconstructed Ayrshire, near Maybole  
Dunnideer Castle   Almost nothing left of the castle; here also, a fortress had stood here in prehistoric times Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Dunnottar Castle 13 The location is spectacular Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Dunollie Castle 12 Ruin Argyll, Oban  
Dunoon Castle 12 Almost nothing left Argyll  
Dunphail Castle 14 We couldn't find a website about this castle Highlands, Forres  
Dunrobin Castle 13 Big castle, well preserved Highlands YES
Duns Castle 14 Now a hotel Scottish Border YES
Dun Sgathaich Castle   Ruin Highlands, Skye  
Dunscaith Castle   Same as Dun Sqathaigh Castle Highlands, Skye  
Dunstaffnage Castle 13 In faitly good state Argyll  
Dun Telve   Broch (fortified tower), probably 1st c. AD Highlands  
Dun Toiseach   Ruin Argyll  
Dun Troddan   Broch, probably 1st c. BC. Highlands  
Duntrune Castle 17   Argyll, near Kilmartin YES
Duntulm Castle 17 Build on an earlier broch Highlands, Skye  
Dunure Castle 15   Ayrshire, near Maybole  
Dunvegan Castle 13 Home of the clan Macleod since 1270 Highlands, Skye YES
Dunyvaig Castle 16 Ruin Highlands, Isle of Islay  
Dupplin Castle   Rebuild in the 20 c., now a hotel Perthshire  

Name Century Remarks Area Site
Earlshall Castle 16 Towerhouse Fife  
Eden Castle 16 Ruin Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Edenshall Broch   Ruins of a broch Galloway  
Edinburgh Castle   Webcam pointed at the castle Edinburgh  
Edzell Castle 15   Oost Scotland, Forfar  
Eilean Donan Castle 13 Beautiful castle, especially by it's location Highlands  
Elcho Castle 16   Perthshire  
Erchless Castle 14 Towerhouse, now a hotel Highlands, Inverness-shire  
Esslemont Castle 14 Ruin Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Ethie Castle 16   Angus  

Name Century Remarks Area Site
Falkland Palace 16 The oldest tennis court of the world belongs to this palace Fife NTS
Fasque Castle 19 Country house Grampians  
Fenton Tower 12 Completely renovated and now a 5-star hotel East Lothian YES
Fernie Castle 14 Now a hotel Fife YES
Ferniehirst Castle 16   Scottish Borders, Jedburgh  
Fincharn Castle   Ruin Argyll, Loch Awe  
Findlater Castle 14 Ruin Grampians  
Floors Castle 18 Largest castle in Scotland which is still inhabited Scottish Borders, Kelso YES
Forbes Castle 19 Private Guest House Grampians, Aberdeenshire YES
Fordyce Castle 16   Highlands, Banffshire YES
Foulis Castle 12   Easter Ross, Evanton  
Fraser Castle 16 Well preserved castle Grampians, Aberdeenshire NTS
Fulton Tower 16 Ruin Scottish Borders, Jedburgh  
Fyvie Castle 15   Grampians, Aberdeenshire NTS

Name Century Remarks Area Site
Gilbertfield Castle 16 Towerhouse, Ruin South Lanarkshire  
Gilnockie Tower 16 Towerhouse Dumfries-shire  
Girnigoe Castle 15 Near Sinclair Castle; it is not clear if there were 1 or 2 different castles Highlands  
Glamis Castle 14 In the private ownership of the Earl of Strathmore Glamis, near Dundee YES
Glenapp Castle 19 Now a hotel Ayrshire, Ballantrae YES
Glenbuchat Castle 16 Also called Glenbucket, ruins Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Glendevon Castle 18   Perthshire  
Glengarry Castle   Country house, now a hotel Highlands, Loch Oich YES
Glengorm Castle 19 Selfcatering, Bed and Breakfast Argyll, Mull YES
Grant Castle 15   Grampians  
Greenan Castle 16 Towerhouse Ayrshire  
Guthrie Castle 15   Angus  
Gylen Castle 16 Ruin Ayrshire, Isle of Kerrera  

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