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Spain and Portugal travel account summer 2001

In 2001 we wanted to see the Mediterranean and visit Portugal. A friend of ours lived there and we wanted to visit her.

France, Andorra, Spain (day 1 to 8)

Groningen - Beaune, to the centre of France Beaune - southern France, with a visit to the Archedrome via Andorra to Barcelona, a beautiful trip through the Pyrenees Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell (the works of Gaudi) Barcelona, the old city of Barcelona, the Ramblas Barcelona - Cordoba, a long drive through Spain Walking through hot Cordoba Cordoba - Gibraltar - Tarifa, a visit to the rock of Gibraltar

Portugal (day 9 to 31)

Tarifa - Albufeira, at last we arrive in Portugal Albufeira, exploring the neighbourhood Albufeira, a day at the beach we will never forget Through the Monchique mountains, a painful drive Albufeira, a quiet day Lagos and Portimão, walking in the heat Albufeira, another quiet day (without pictures) Albufeira - Sagres, a trip by car along the coast of the Algarve Cruise, a trip by catamaran along the coast of the Algarve A last quiet day at Albufeira Albufeira - Lisbon, we leave the Algarve Lisbon, excursion through the city Lisbon, on our own through Lissabon Lisbon - Praia da Mira, via Fatima and Tomar to the north Praia da Mira, the weather is becoming nasty... Praia da Mira - Casfreires, to a Dutch campsite in the interior of Portugal Viseu, Serra da Estrella, a beautiful trip Satão, exploring the neighbourhood Coimbra and Conimbriga, a visit to a city and an impressive Roman site Casfreires, a last quiet day From Casfreires through Spain to southern France To Rethel, northern France Rethel - Groningen, the journey back home
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