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To travel is our passion

Online jigsaw puzzles of our travel pictures, travelogues, many photographs and information about the countries and cities we have visited in Europe and Africa. Most of our travels are within Europe since we like to travel with our own car but now and then we venture outside Europe, into Africa. But even within Europe we have a lot of countries to visit. Next to information about the countries and cities we have visited we also have a few theme pages about subjects we are fascinated with, like Scottish castles and the architect Gaudi. But we notice that most people love the online puzzles the best so we try to place more of them all the time.
Note: there has been a major update in Dec. 2017 .On the update-page you will find more information on everything that is new on the site.
If you have any comments, questions or ideas, don't hesitate to mail us or write in our guestbook. Our English isn't perfect, so if you see any errors, mail us, too.
Click for information about Volterra in Toscane.

Support this project

A French primary school has a project 'the tour of the world in postcards'
The aim of this project is that different countries in the world send us postcards where they can describe their way of life, landscapes and some cultural details (school ...). I would like my pupils discovering new culture, says teacher Justine.

So if you like to participate, please send a postcard with something about your country to:
Classe CE2-CM1
1 chemin de bellevue

Online jigsaw puzzles of travel photographs

Balcarka cave, CzechrepublicBalcarka cave, Czechrepublic. Every time you open this page another puzzle is shown but you can see all of them on the puzzlepage and make as many as you want!
There are now more than 1,500 puzzles but we have about 600 more to come, for example lots of Greece and more of Scotland. Enough for lots of hours fun!
12 December 2017: 152 new puzzles have been added. We also have a new puzzle script so we can host many more puzzles.

Travelogues (chronological)

Netherlands (Noord-Brabant)
South Europe 2001: Spain, Portugal
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Short trips, specials and theme pages

All about Gaudi and his works
Scottish castles we have visited
Alphabetical list of Scottish castles
Scottish prehistoric sites we have visited
On air at Dutch Natinal radio

The personal website of Elisabeth (English)
The puzzlewebsite of Esmée, our granddaughter with lots of puzzles (Dutch)
This website in Dutch
Pets at home

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