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In the burning heat we visit Zadar

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Wednesday 02 July, in the burning heat we visit Zadar

Market square at ZadarIt is still early when we go to the beach and there is somewhat less wind than yesterday, so this time we feel how our skin is getting burned. Now and then we walk into the sea for a swim, then lay down to dry in the sun with the salt still on our skin. After 2 hours we are wise enough to go out of the sun, but we feel our skin glow. In the afternoon we feel it is time to get active a bit and we go to the nearby town Zadar, approximately 13 kilometers from the campsite. The old centre is situated on a narrow peninsula.
Cathedral of Zadar Center of ZadarAround the central square are a church and a kind of castle, but we can't tell anything more about them since we haven't got a travel guide for Croatia. A group of people is busy reconstructing some Roman monument, probably the forum or maybe even a temple. This coastal area is facing Italy so it is not surprising that they had a town here.
Boulevard of Zadar Park along the sea, ZadarWe go all over the peninsula, but we often have to look for the shade to prevent that we start boiling. The heat is intensified by the very smooth, white stones which form the pavement in the inner town. Fortunately for us, the sea is never far off and we can feel the gentle wind.
Church at Zadar Church at ZadarPart of the town is still surrounded by an old city wall and there are more old buildings and monuments than we had expected. It is a really nice town to walk through, although we spend a lot of time sitting in bars to have a drink, since the weather is not exactly inviting to be too active.
The harbour of ZadarZadar clearly is a harbour and a ferry leaves from this place for Italy. There are also many cruises where people try to lure tourists for a trip to the islands before the coast. We find it tempting, but not on a boat with 100 or more other people and a scheduled program.
At the end of the afternoon we return to the camp and have another hour of sunbathing to torture our red skin a bit more. I (Teije) sit some time at the bar, talking to the friendly waiter Joško. We exchange stories about our lifes and we agree on the fact that enjoying life is more important than a good job or having money. But to enjoy life it can be very easy to have some. He has this job to earn some money, but in his heart he is a musician. Tomorrow he has a reunion performance with his old band for the first time in 11 years and we are invited to come.
Late at night we both go to the bar and talk a bit more with him. It is still thirsty weather and I drank one too much, I think, since I stumble a bit when we return to our tent.

Thursday 03 July 2003, een dagje rust en in de avond naar een oefen-concert

Teije at the barIt is S-day today: sun, sea, swimming, sweating and salt on our skin. Now and then we swim in the sea or lie at the beach, then we visit the bar where our new friend Joško works. But why are we so tired all the time? Maybe it is the work on this website, we still have to catch up with translating three days into English. Making the account for one day, including the choosing of pictures, adjusting them, translating the Dutch story into English and putting it on the web costs us one to two hours a day. We don't think we will do it the same way on our next holiday, since sometimes it feels like an obligation, the last thing we need in a holiday!
Diklo, suburb of ZadarWe are invited to see the tryout of the old band of Joško in Diklo, a suburb of Zadar. For the first time we see clouds here, but it is still warm (27 degrees at 10 o'clock).
Sunset at Diklo Sunset at DikloNightfall doesn't take long here and driving to Diklo we see the sun giving a spectacular show, setting into the sea. According to the inhabitants of Zadar it's sunsets belong to the most beautiful in the world. And who are we to question that?
Joško didn't know the exact time of their show and he says it is not really a gig. 11 years ago he and three other boys (all teenagers then) had a band during the war. They haven't played together since that time and even now they haven't practised together. We arrive much too early, at half past eight and their act is only at eleven. We don't feel like sitting there all that time since we feel so tired and leave about 10. But we listened to their soundcheck and a few songs they tried out. It is on a very small stage at a small bar between narrow alleys, away from the touristic and modern places. And it is very crowded with local people.
Joško and his old bandJoško isn't very pleased with the soundcheck, but we are amazed how well they play together after a break of 11 years. After half an hour one can't hear that they haven't played together for such a long time. They play a number of U2 and some songs of themselves. To our surprise Joško is not only a guitarplayer but also the leadsinger. He is the one in the middle of the picture with the big smile.
It has been another beatiful day and although we haven't seen the real tryout of the band, we really enjoyed the rockmusic we have heard at their soundcheck. It is a pity we felt so tired and didn't see the whole show. We are getting too old...


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