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Central Europe 2003, conclusion

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Central Europe 2003, conclusion

This long journey is over: in five weeks we have driven 9070 kilometers through the following countries: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.
We have had no misfortunes and there were only 2 days that we felt less healthy. The worst of this holiday were all the accidents we witnessed: too many ambulances and victims. Attention and care are so important on the roads, even though one often cannot do much about the actions of the fellow roadusers.
We have great memories to these last weeks: we have seen mountains (the Tatra in Poland and Slovakia, the mountains in Croatia and the Czech Republic and the impressive Alps in Austria), the sea (the Adriatic Sea along Croatia), splendid nature, many grat cities (Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Dresden) and we have found a new friend, Joško, the Croatian musician.
What we liked best? We have no idea, we cannot pick one thing from all nice things we have seen. The traces of war in Croatia and the mighty Alps in Austria were very impressive, but we cannot compare these things. Everything has a charm of its own and we tried to enjoy as much as possible. We would make this trip again, immediately, if anyone asks us, but there are so many more, undiscovered by us, places to visit on this earth.
We often get mail with questions about costs and what we spend on a holiday. Well, we are very economical at home, but never when we are away on a trip. This holiday we spend € 2300, alltogether, including the preparation (maps, books, travel guides), all accommodation, fuel, entree fees, meals, etcetera. So, we paid € 460 per week, for the both of us. Much cheaper than our trip to Scandinavia, last year. It has been a fascinating trip with many new experiences for us and lots of nice people we have met. We wish everyone the same pleasure from his/her trip as we do.

See you on our next trip, since we are not finished travelling, yet!


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