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Central Europe: travelogue summer 2003

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Central Europe: travelogue summer 2003

We have five weeks and we travel through many countries in central Europe. We all discover new places but also find places and people that we like to see again.
Read here about the preparation to this long summer vacation .


Groningen - Wroclaw, a long journey and we see too many accidents
A nice morning in Wroclaw, trip to Czestochowa
A rainy start, a visit to the salt mines of Wieliczka and to Zakopane
Zakopane, and a trip through the neighbourhood


To Roznava, a beautiful drive through the Slovakian Paradise


To Eger, Bukki Nemzeti national park in norteast Hungary
To the capital of Hungary, Budapest
To Szeged, a visit to Pecs
To Veszprem and to Sopron, near the Austrian border


To Zaton, a long drive along a beautiful coast
In the burning heat we visit Zadar
Plitvicka national park, remainders of the war
With Joško to Zadar


Through Italy into the Austrian Alps, the Grossglocknerstrasse
Döllach - Vent, through Italy to west Tirol via the Timmelsjoch
Vent - Langenwang, with a chairlift into the mountains and to the Krimmler falls
Vienna, visiting the highlights

Czech Republic

Vienna - Puchov (Slovakia), through the Moravian karst, caves
Walking through Prague
Another day at Prague
Bohemian Paradise, Giant mountains
Last day at Prague


Via Dresden to our friends in Zermützel

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