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Spending the day with Joshko and a few days on the beach

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Sunday 06 June, spending the day with Joshko and a few days on the beach

We sleep very late on this day without any obligations. Joshko sends us a message, worrying that we are soaked wet since it has rained rather heavily all night at Zadar. We stay at Zaton, 15 kilometers more to the north, but our chairs are totally dry, so there hasn't fallen a drop of rain. We agree to meet around eleven and when we park the car after driving around for more than 10 minutes he just happens to be on the spot where we park the car, what a coincidence. We have a quiet day, walking around a bit and going from bar to bar. He has had a busy time the last couple of weeks so he also likes to have an easy day. Forgive us the lack of pictures, but today we are not tourists, but guests of our Croatian friend.
Both his parents want to have us for lunch and at 2 we get the first one at his father's house. It is a big meal with lots of meat and potatoes. He is a former police officer, trying hard to make us feel comfortable although he only speaks a few words German. He is very friendly but we can imagine it is not always fun to have such a man as a father.
Enjoying the sun Joshko wants to take a pictureWe spend the afternoon in a suburb of Zadar, Diklo, where Joshko is soon found by some fans of him. He has formed a new band, the Pussycats, and has a concert every week. Off course all the fans that we see are young and female. Fortunately, the weather has changed and the clouds have made way for a beautiful blue sky and we have a fantastic place near the sea.
But the time flies too quickly and at night we visit Joshko's own home where his mother is staying a few days and, obviously, she has the next meal prepared for us. We are not the thinnest persons but we now realize that this week we only will put on more weight. Both his mother and his father want to have us for at least one more meal. Joshko's mother is really a very sweet woman. She speaks Italian, but we just know a few words, so we need Joshko all the time as an interpretor. But we have lots of fun tonight and it is after ten that we drive back to the campsite. Joshko has offered us a room at his house, but we rather stay outside with this weather and all of us have a bit more privacy, he can't bother us and we don't bother him. And we also want to have a few quiet days at the beach which is easier on the campsite.

Monday 07 June 2004, a day at the beach at Zaton

A sparrow near the tentThe sky is totally blue when we get up and a few sparrows have decided to become our pets for the next few days: they are upon and around our tent and don't fly away when we step outside. Our breakfast must be a feast for them, or maybe they are used to be so spoiled on this campsite. It is an easy place for birds to become very lazy.
This morning we first go to Joshko's house since his mother has prepared lunch for us, an extensive meal. We are prepared for that and just ate a minimum at breakfast so we don't have to disappoint here by eating very little.
Joshko at his home Joshko at his homeAlthough we can barely understand each other and need Joshko to translate everything, we like each other very much; she must be a nice person to have as a mother. She lives on the island Pag, not too far from here and we have to promise to come and visit her later this week, which we do.
On the beach, Zaton Around 2 o'clock we drive back and take Joshko with us since he has to work between 2 and 12 in one of the bars on the terrain of the campsite. While he goes working we go off to the beach for a few hours. It is reasonably busy but we find a nice spot. The water is very cold, though, much colder than it was last year (but then it was July and 40 degrees in the afternoon).
At the end of the afternoon and later at night we have a drink at the bar where Joshko works and since there are almost no people there (it is situated totally wrong on the terrain, outside the shopping center) he has time to sit with us so we can chat some more. We already regret it that we only have a few days here but that is how it is. The next days we will spend more time with him and do and see some things. Hopefully we will start to make more pictures then, as well. In the meantime we are very glad to have a few days 'off'!

Tuesday 08 June 2004, more beach and to Zadar

Sfinx at Zadar Zadar seen from the harbourWe use the sunny hours in the morning to colour our skin a bit more on the beach and in the sea. Despite all weather forecasts the temperature is only rising and there is no cloud to be seen. But we sure get lazy and sluggish from it.
In the afternoon we drive to Zadar where we start driving through the suburbs and there we come upon a garden with a sfinx! To the right a view from the harbour to the old center which is situated on a peninsula. The town is quite lively and worth a visit.
The forum, Zadar Center of ZadarZadar was already a town in Roman times and part of the old forum (next to a cathedral of later times) has been excavated. It is a miracle that so much has been preserved after heavy bombardments in world war II and the latest Balkan war.
Despite the early season, there are already a lot of tourists walking around with maps and travel guides in their hands. We didn't have them last year (since we never intended to come here) and bought some books on Croatia after the holiday. But when we decided only a short time ago to visit Croatia again, we forgot to bring them... Next time we try it again.
Park at ZadarThe 'old' center (a lot has been rebuild after the last war 1991-1994) is a pleasant and orderly area to walk around. And there are lots of pubs and restaurants to sit down to relieve our tired feet and thirsty throats. Today it is very nice and bearable, but we remember from last year, how scorching the heat can be. Even a green park brings now relief then, but today it does.
Sculpture in the wallOn one of the bigger squares (with this relief on the walls) we meet with Joshko and at night we go out with him. We walk around a bit, make stops for food and drink and the evening is over before we realise it. It is almost midnight when we return to the campsite and we are glad we are still allowed in with the car.
It has been a very pleasant and calm day on which we at least have done something. But this is a lot more relaxing than the busy weeks in Italy although we are glad we have seen so much there. We really enjoy our holiday!

Wednesday 09 June 2004, we don't leave the campsite

The only picture we did make, today!Last year it was really hot when we were travelling around during the summer holiday, but now the timing is in fact perfect: not too hot during the many city trips we made, walking a lot and visiting museums and other sights and splendid weather on these last few days when we want to do some sunbathing and relax!
Today is the first day that we don't leave the campsite at all and spend the day at the beach, at the bar, talking to Joshko (since he has no customers) and back to the beach again. There is nothing more to tell about today, but don't be afraid: we haven't been bored for a single moment! Sometimes it feels great to have a day without having anything to do...
We had plans to visit some more places in Croatia which we haven't seen yet, but we save them for a next time, since we will surely return here.


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