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Balkan: travelogue summer 2007

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Balkan: travelogue summer 2007

This year we wanted to go to Croatia for a longer period of time. But in the end we also made some trips to the neighboring countries Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Slovenia and it was more than rewarding, one of the most impressive holidays ever. In Croatia we met our friend Joshko again and we went to the Krka and Plitvice national parks. And a few city visits to Dubrovnik and Split.


We flee away from the rain
Going to Škopje and the warmth
On the beach and a short hailstorm
Visiting Krka national park
Walking through the town of Split
From Split to southern Croatia (Dubrovnik)
Walking through historic Dubrovnik

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A long trip through Bosnia, visiting Mostar and Sarajevo


We go to Montenegro, Kotor
To the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica


We drive to Skhöder in the north of Albania


Going back to Croatia, via Trogir to Zaton
Visiting the Plitvice lakes


To Slovenia where it the rain starts to pour
We visit a cave in Postojna and drive around
Through the Slovenian Alps (Logarska Dolina) to the capital Ljubljana
From Slovenia we return back home

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