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Information about Croatia

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Information about Croatia

Facts about Croatia

The (national) flag
Official name Republika Hrvatska (= Kroatische Republiek)
Surface 56.542 square kilometer (1,4 x the Netherlands)
Inhabitants 4.3 million inhabitants
Population density 76 per km²
Capital Zagreb
Currency Kuna (HRK), divided into 100 lipa. 1 kuna isaAbout € 0,13; 1 € = about KK 7,4
Road network Rapidly, new (toll) highways are being opened throughout the country. On the through traffic roads along the coast and through the mountains to the south and southeast there is still a lot of truck traffic, so one mostly makes 40 to 80 kilometers an hour. Small roads near the Bosnian border can be quite bad with potholes.
Fuel prices For actual fuel prices in all European countries see Autotraveler.ru.
Code licence plate HR
Telephone countrycode 385
Internet countrycode .hr
Time difference GMT+1; the same time as in the Netherlands

Geographic data

Croatia is situated in southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

PopulationNaar boven

At a referendum in 1991, 12% of the population was Serb, but their number rapidly declined because of the war. Most emigrated to Serbia. Look at insidecountryinfo.com to find mora data about the population.

LanguagesNaar boven

The Croatian language belongs to the Slavian language group. Before the war, when Yugoslavia still existed, Serbo-Croatian was one of the official languages. Serbian and Croatian are very closely related, but, because of the war, they are considered now as two separate languages. Have a look at 1upinfo.com to get to know more about the language (about all the languages of former Yugoslavia).

HistoryNaar boven

For almost 2 centuries, Croatia was part of the kingdom and later Republic of Yugoslavia. It is dependant since 1991.
We have decided not to write a detailed history anymore, since we would have to cite other sources that are often on the internet already. Instead a few links with more information about Croatian history:
Country-guide-study, a thorough overview of Yugoslavian history until 1990
Brief history of Croatia, a brief history of Croatia until 1991
War in Croatia, about the war 1991 - 1994

ClimateNaar boven

The climate of Croatia varies from a Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic coast to a land climate in the interior of the country. In the summer it can be very hot and dry, the winters are often cold. The number of sun-hours is very high, about 2500 per year.
More information can be found at southtravels.com.

Flora and faunaNaar boven

Information about Croatioan fauna can be found at public.srce.hr; click here for more on Croatian fauna.

The actual weather

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