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Last day at Prague

Saturday 19 July, last day at Prague

Art gallery at PragueFollowing the cityplan of Prague we have seen most of the monumental buidings of Prague and today we just stroll around through the city. Prague used to be a very gloomy place, like most Eastern European towns, but now it is vivid and colourful, with lots of advertisements but fortunately, also with artistic expressions.
Art on the streets, PragueAfter a long walk to the southern parts of town (Nove Mesto and Vysehrad with a big castle) we return to the centre to find more art on the streets.
Building in PragueIt is quite hot again and we literally walk from one bar to another. In between, we keep seeing funny or remarkable things, like this house wedged in between two newer buildings. If it had been standing in Groningen, the town we live in, the authorities would have find an excuse to get rid of it.
Puppetshop, PragueopWhenever one wants to start a marionette theatre, the puppets can be bought cheaply in Prague. We have seen several shops over the last few days with very nice marionettes.
Old Town hall square, Prague Church in front of the old town hall, PragueTwice we go climbing today, once to the castle Vysehrad and up the tower of the old town hall. That is enough training for today. To be honest, the elevator took care of most of the trip to the top, we climbed only the first 20 meters of the 70 meters high tower.
The view from the tower is splendid. People are like small puppets moving aimlessly, indicating they are probably tourists who are just wandering about.
Restaurant, Prague The Powder Gate, PraguePrague keeps surprising us with unexpected details and pleasant views. We find the city very attractive, also because of it's vividness. We are glad we have just strolled around and let us be surprised instead of following the travel guide.
Through the powder gate we return to a subway station and return to the campsite at the beginning of the evening. We haven't seen Prague by night, yet, but we save that for another visit.
Escalator to the subwayPublic transportation is great here. Even on a saturday we don't have to wait long for busses or subways and we don't have to climb many stairs with all the long and fast moving stairways.
Now we have finished the account of this day, it looks very short, as if the day has been short or we haven't done much, but to us it has been a great long day with many new experiences. Our feet can tell about that! They still hurt...


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