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Groningen - Øksendrup , Odense

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Saturday 15 June, Groningen - Øksendrup , Odense

It has been only 2 months since we visited Scotland, but we are on our way again. Teije will start with a new job after this holiday, so we fear that we won't have very much time for more trips this year.
OdenseQuietly we leave home at half past eleven and after 5 hours of highways we sit in Odense in the sun, enjoying a cup of coffee.
Odense OdenseAccording to our travel guides every Dane has been at least once in his life on this spot: the street and house where the famous fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen (born 1805) was born. The alley itself has very nice small houses (picture), but the actual house has been rebuild into an ugly building. Or they must be busy renovating. It is not worth a picture!
OdenseIt is relatively quiet in this town. A nice place to walk around for a short time and look around.

We still have plenty of time left and use it to drive around the island Funen (Odense being the capital of it) and around we decide it is time to look for our KRO-hotel, a sort of motel, atØksendrup.


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