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Sunday 07 July, back to Denmark,safaripark Givskud, Århus

Goodbye NorwayWe get up early because we have no idea how long this trip of almost 1000 kilometers will take. Quickly we take a picture of our luxurious cabin and are on our way at half past seven. Just before the border with Sweden we fill up our gas tank to spend our last Norwegian crowns. We cross the border later than we had planned, because much of the roads which are highways according to our map are just two-lane roads with a lot of traffic. But in Sweden the opposite is the case: highways instead of the expected two-lane roads and we make more progress.
We bid farewell to Norway, then to Sweden... Norway was the very best of all Scandinavian countries, well, except for the prices. The sceneries are overwhelmingly beautiful. We have had a terrific time and spend a lot of money. We hope to come back here one day. From the North Cape down to Oslo was a beautiful and often exciting drive with a lot of alternation and wonderful views we would not have liked to miss. We can recommend a visit to Norway to everyone. Unless, of course, one is allergic for natural beauty, snowy mountains, amazing waterfalls, splendid fjords, impressive views, cosy houses etcetera, etcetera...
At a gas station we spend our last Swedish crowns, 1 icecream and 2 bounties and we enter Denmark after crossing the Øresund-bridge.
We liked what we have seen from Sweden. The landscape is densely forested (quite, one might say), but also very hilly, especially to the north. And we liked to drive on those twisting roads which wind through the woods, quite contrary to the often long and straight roads in Finland. Unfortunately, we haven't seen much of the western border with Norway and the mountain range there. Who knows, maybe some other time...

Monday 08 July 2002, naar het safaripark bij Givskud, Århus

Teije had a lot of wild plans for today, like driving from the north to the south of Denmark and subsequently from east to west, visiting all towns and villages, but, happily, somebody was able to talk him out of it. So we make a quiet day of this last really holiday-day. The sun is trying to shine through the clouds, and sometimes succeeds, but it stays sultry: a bit warm, but cloudy.
Safari park GivskudOur main goal today is the safari park at Givskud. The entrance fee is 'only' a 100 crowns, € 14 each, a relief after the expensiveness of Norway! From the camping we first drive to Billund and we pass Legoland, the destination of a lot of people, considering the traffic. But we want to be in the middle of wild animals, like the red panda, also called the lesser panda.
Safari park Givskud Safari park GivskudPart of the park can be seen from the car, like a real safari, but there are also many footpaths from which the less dangerous animals can be visited. Elisabeth loves monkeys, so we spend quite some time looking at the chimps, gorilla's and baboons, our genetic brothers.
Safari park Givskud Safari park GivskudThe most dangerous animal of all, human, had to stay in the car with the windows closed, to have a look at the lions. From the driving behaviour of the tourists one can tell the aggressive nature of this species, while this lioness eats her meat, indifferently.
Runes stone of JellingUnconscious of the time, four hours have passed before we leave. This park is surely worth its money, and for the first time in weeks we have a real hot meal. It's affordable here.
From Givskud we drive to Jelling to have a look at the famous runes-stone which has been placed there in 980 by king Harald Bluetooth. There are also two tombhills, of king Gorm the Old and queen Thyra.
A long webnameAt the end of the day we drive to Århus, the second city of Denmark. We take a walk to the relatively small centre of the town but after a short time we return to the campsite.

ÅrhusWhen we pass a bankbuilding we see the longest name of a website we have ever seen. We tried it out, and it linked to the normal site of the Nordea bank. Want to try it? (in the beginning of 2002 the link didn't work anymore...)
On the way back to the camping we first went to Himmelbjærget, one of the the highest 'mountains' in Denmark (147 meters high). Driving southwards we find an amazing landscape with steep hills and small roads which were not on our map. Some author (the fairy-tale writer H.C. Andersen) once compared this landscape with the Black Woods in Germany and Scotland. Well, we have been at both places and, however nice it is, the comparision is wrong, or only partly right for just a few square kilometers. But it has been a wonderful and quiet day to conclude our holiday.

Tuesday 09 July 2002, Bredsten - Groningen, the homeward journey to wet Holland

Our cabin at BredstenContrary to yesterday, it is not only very warm, but also very sunny. The car is almost packed and the end of our holiday coming near. We linger a bit since we would rather stay longer, but we have no choice but to return home.
A last picknick A last picknickWithin an hour we leave Denmark and at noon we have a last picknick in Germany, enjoying the warmth of the sun.
But then we approach the border of the Netherlands: rain starts to fall from the clouds that have been gathering for the last hour, the temperature is dropping fast. All those thousands of kilometers driving southwards haven't brought us any closer to better weather. But we don't care: we have made a fantastic journey, Norway being the best part of it (except for the prices). The scenic beauty and the alternation of sceneries in Norway were one of the best things we have ever seen. Who knows, maybe we go back someday... after we first have visited the rest of the world.


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