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The trip to Berlin, Alex by night

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Thursday 05 September, the trip to Berlin, Alex by night

Elisabeth is free from her work but Teije still has to work until 12h30 and at half past one we finally leave Holland again. To Berlin this time, favourite place of Teije (a long, long time ago when there were still 2 cities, divided by a wall, he went there often). It is less than 2 months ago that we returned from Scandinavia, but we are glad we can flee this country again. In the Netherlands everything is organised (almost) perfectly, and we are glad we live here earning enough money to use it to leave the country again. Just after 2 o'clock we pass the German border and now we are really on our way. Around 6 we are on the ring road around Berlin, but it takes us an hour to reach the hotel.
Fernsehturm, Television tower BerlinWe have booked a 4-star hotel in Pankow (formerly East-Berlin), only 12 minutes from the centre of Berlin. Well, just one of the centres Berlin has nowadays. After unpacking our stuff, we board a tram towards Alexanderplatz, with the Fernsehturm (television tower) on the background. With the superfast elevator we rise up to 203 metres within 40 seconds, from where we have a beautiful view on the city.
We have reckoned with chilly weather and rain and on the way here we have had some considerably heavy rainstorms, but now we have to take off our sweaters, it is too warm. We walk around for some time and Teije is surprised about all the changes, even though he was prepared for it. Near station Friedrichstrasse one can still see on the pavement where the Berlin Wall once stood, but that is all there is left. We make a long stroll, along the Reichstag and finally arrive at the Brandenburger Tor which is now all wrapped up because of a thorough renovation.
Expensive servies, expensive coffee Near the Brandenburger TorOn the terrace of an expensive looking hotel we sit down to have a coffee and a (small) beer. Scandinavia was expensive, but when we ask for the bill we are not prepared for the amount: € 16,50. € 10 for the can of coffee! Allright, it is a silver can, like the sugar bowl. And the waiter tries to convince Teije to take another beer... No way!
Hotel Königin LuiseAround 11 we take the tram back to the hotel, we have made a long walk on our first night here. On the way we see that the temperature is still 25°C is. We are always so lucky with the weather!
Back in our luxurious hotel, with gold-coloured elevator buttons and more of those fringes, we feel quite happy with this first night in Berlin. It is the first time for Elisabeth, and for Teije it has been 7 years since he visited the town, so for him it is also a totally new town, as so many things have changed.


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