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Zermützel and its neighbourhood (Neuruppin)

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Tuesday 10 September, Zermützel and its neighbourhood (Neuruppin)

At Wolfgang and Annemarie in ZermützelZermützel is a small village, not far from Neuruppin. It is quite a story how Teije ever met people from here, which we won't tell you here, but he comes here since 1984 when it still belonged to East Germany. It has been two years since we last were here. We have quite some catching up to do, so we talk for a few hours after breakfast.
At Wolfgang and Annemarie in Zermützel Home of Wolfgang en Annemarie Falkenberg  ZermützelWe slept in 'our own' bungalow, on a hill, but we have breakfast at our friends' place, Wolfgang and Annemarie Falkenberg. After 'Die Wende' they have lived quite a long time in uncertainty about their house and whether they could stay there. It is a very nice place, situated along a lake. Finally they got the chance to buy it and they did.
At Thomas and Coletta in Zermützel At Thomas and Coletta in ZermützelAan de andere kant van de weg woont Thomas (zoon van Annemarie and Wolfgang) met Coletta and hun zoontje Nikolai. Ook met hen kunnen we het goed vinden.
In the afternoon we leave, with Annemarie, for Neuruppin.
Coffee-Inn, Neuruppin Coffee-Inn, NeuruppinRoman, another son of theirs, just opened there his own lunchroom, the Coffee-inn. Originally, he is a cook and worked as a cook many years abroad, from Russia to England.
Everything is orange, it could be a royal home in Holland. It is a quiet, but colourful place and although he is only open for a few weeks there are already a lot of customers.

We stay there for quite some time and decide to advertise his place a bit through this website.
Statue of Theodor FontaneWe have seen more than enough buildings and statues in Berlin, today is reserved for maintaining our social contacts. But when we return to our car we couldn't resists taking this picture of the statue of Theodor Fontane, a well-known 19th century poet who was born here.
At Wolfgang and Annemarie in ZermützelBack in Zermützel, it is time for Mohnk?chen, Teije's favourite cake and Elisabeth agrees with him. Enjoying the sun, more people, whom we still know from our last visit, come by.
Walking in Zermützel Walking in ZermützelAt the end of the afternoon we take a relaxing stroll along the lake, where some people are still swimming. It is warm, so why not?

We just stand aside and watch, maybe another time... We are still astonished that we are so lucky with the weather, every time we leave Holland. Against all weather predictions it is 25°C at the moment.
At the Zermützel See At Wolfgang and Annemarie in ZermützelUntil eleven at night we sit outside in T-shirt and we meet some more old acquaintances. It is delightful to have such a quiet day after the long and exhausting walks through Berlin. A city is nice to visit for a few days, but the quietness of nature outside appeals even more to us.

Wednesday 11 September 2002, the journey back home

Our bungalow The garden of Wolfgang and Annemarie, ZermützelOn our last morning we sleep late and then clean the bungalow. We are soon ready, because we haven't been in much with this beautiful weather.

The remainder of the morning we spend with Annemarie and Wolfgang in their beautiful garden. Again, it is a warm and nice day.
The garden of Wolfgang and Annemarie, Zermützel The garden of Wolfgang and Annemarie, ZermützelBut time is flying and it is time for lunch too soon. We have lunch at the place of Wolgang's sister and her husband, who own a bungalow on the other side of the road.
After lunch we say goodbye and we hope to come by for a few days, next year.
Elisabeth in the garden, ZermützelOur short holiday has been a success (well, like always). Eerst een paar dagen een wereldstad bekijken om daarna bij vrienden tot rust te komen in de vrije natuur. De laatste zomerdagen hebben duidelijk gewacht op ons laatste uitje deze zomer! Na 500 kilometer, wanneer we de Nederlandse grens passeren, vallen de eerste regendruppels alweerFirst a few days walking through a metropolis and then a few relaxing days with friends, enjoying the quietness of the country. The last days of the summer must have waited for us to have our last summer-trip! After 500 km., when we cross the Dutch border, the first raindrops start to fall from the sky.
We have been to Berlin and visited Poland! We really have enjoyed our time and we have seen some old friends again. We should have more often holidays like this...


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