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Information about Gibraltar

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Information about Gibraltar

Facts about Gibraltar

The (national) flag
Official name Gibraltar
Surface 6,8km²
Inhabitants 29.328 (2016)
Population density 4.888 people per km²
Capital Gibraltar
Currency Gibraltar pound with the same value as the British pound. € 1 = GIP 1,18; 1 GIP = € 0,84
Road network Gibraltar has almost 50 kilometer paved roads
Fuel prices For actual fuel prices in all European countries see Autotraveler.ru.
Code licence plate GBZ
Telephone countrycode 350
Internet countrycode .gi
Time difference GMT+1; the same time as in the Netherlands

Geographic data

Gibraltar is not an autonomous country but a territory of the United Kingdom with its own government on the southern point of the Iberian peninsula. Next to the entrance of the Mediterranean it is of strategic importance and the UK is unwilling to let go of it although it is surrounded by Spain. It's surface is 6,8 km². The Rock of Gibraltar is an important visitor attraction in this region and tourism is one of main sources of income. But Gibraltar also offers financial services and has some shipping facilities. The name comes from Arabic: Jabal Tariq: the mountain of Tariq, named after the Moorish armynaar de Moorse army leader Tariq ibn Zijad.

PopulationNaar boven

Almost 30,000 people ive in Gibraltar and 27% of the population has a British surname, 24% a Spanish surname, 15% a Genuese or other Italian surname, 15% a Portugese surname and 8% a Maltese surname. More than half of the population sees itself as Gibraltarian, followed by a group who sees themselves as 'another kind of British'

LanguagesNaar boven

English is the official language

HistoryNaar boven

There have been found remains of Neanderthals in the caves of Gibraltar. Historians think the last of them lived her about 28.000 to 24.000 years ago. In that peirod the sealevel was lower and there were plains around the rock.
More information on Wikipedia.

ClimateNaar boven

Gibraltar has a Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summers and mild and wet winters. It seldom snows or freezes.

Flora and faunaNaar boven

Over 500 different species of flowering plants grow on the Rock and of course there are the famous apes!
More information on Wikipedia.

The actual weather

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