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A quiet day, to the beach

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Sunday 11 May, a quiet day, to the beach

Beach on the bay of Argolikos Teije swimmingIt is wonderful weather, almost 30 degrees and we make it a relexed day. First we search for a quiet beach in the neighborhood but there are not many sandy beaches on the east and northern side of the Peloponnese, as far as we know it is all here pebbly beaches. Next time we have to bring water shoes or slippers. But the water is delicious and while Lies just floating in the water, I start swimming back and forth some laps. In the past we seldom liked spending time on beaches, until now we have only done that in Portugal (13 years ago) and a few times in Croatia. But in combination with the warm weather, we find it quite an attractive way to pass the time.
Beach at Plaka Port of PlakaAfter 2 hours we are done with the beach, we also do not want to get a sunburn, of course. So we drive a bit to the south, to Plaka where there is an elongated beach that is considered as one of the most beautiful of the peninsula but therefore it is also much more touristic and thus busier. Plaka is a small port town that now has to rely mainly on tourism. We walk across the quay around the harbor and then search for a restaurant which isn't so difficult because there are enough here.
On the terrace in PlakaWe are sitting in the shade and there is a cool wind. At almost all restaurants in Greece there is wifi and since we are not in a hurry today, we can watch the news of last week with our tablet, check if the weather in the Netherlands is colder than here (fortunately, that is so .. .) and prepare us for tomorrow when we go to a next destination.
The terrace of our apartmentIn the afternoon we go for another hour to the beach, it is very addictive with such hot weather, and we are back early at our apartment. We are invited to come and sit with the family of whom we rent the apartment and, although we have to communicate with our hands and feet, I soon have to sit at a computer when they realize that I know something about it. Just to fix the wifi, because it does not work for 2 days now.
It turns out that they have a new provider or at least a new modem that is not yet connected. With the new modem and the correct log-in codes everything works perfectly. We get another glass of Greek wine but skip the invitation for the food because we have had enough today. We are sitting on our terrace for a long time surrounded by colorful flowers. We are curious how our view will be in the coming days.


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