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A quiet day near Gytheio

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Friday 16 May, a quiet day near Gytheio

Amphitheater at Gytheio Amphitheater at GytheioToday we have again a quiet day and stay in the neighborhood. In Gytheio there is plenty to see like the remnants of the old amphitheater. It is a theater from Roman times with stone seats except for the first row where they used marble. Probably for the notables and important people of the town but whether it is really comfortable, we don't know. Here were held singing competitions in honor of the god Dionysos with a parade and offerings for the Roman emperor. Nowadays there are also performances and concerts in summer. You can walk around for free and there is a small museum that is not always open.
Old car in GithionThe terrain includes more than just the theater and you can take a nice walk there. Then we make another round through Gytheio where it is also nice to roam the higher streets with the pastel colored houses.
Not far from the old theater we see this old wreck on the roof of a shed but it will undoubtedly be a form of art and not just a burnt-out wreck as we first think.
Relaxing on the terrace Terrace on the beach of GytheioThis morning we have been on the beach for a while and this afternoon we are going there again. In between we enjoy ourselves with some short walks and a lot of time on terraces with a good book. From doing nothing we become increasingly lazy and therefore do not have much to say about today. Days like this are still rare days in our usual holidays but we could get used to it! So this is also vacation.
Sea view at Mavrovouni Elisabeth with Mavrovouni in the backgroundTomorrow we will leave for the west coast of the Peloponnese so we already pack most luggage into the car and spend the evening on our balcony. More and more clouds appear and it gets even a bit fresh and after a while we have to put on a coat. Pretty nice after a hot day but we do not mind if the weather gets warmer again in the next few days.


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