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Friday 05 June, via Eindhoven to Corfu

We would like to return to Greece this year and when we read that there will be a direct flight from Eelde (less than 10 kilometers from our house) to Corfu, we keep an eye on when they fly and we book as soon as the flight dates become known in early April. € 438 for 2 return tickets from Eelde to Kerkyra as the capital of Corfu is called, including 2 suitcases of 20 kilograms and drinks and breakfast on board. A better deal we can not get, and we do not have to travel all the way to Schiphol (2.5 hours) where you always have to take into account delays and then have to be present 2 hours before departure time. Now we can comfortably go to Eelde (15 minutes) and only 1 hour before departure we have to be present. Soon, however, it appears that the organization in the Netherlands (Hellas Travel) and Aegean Airlines are in trouble because of too few reservations. After a lot of back and forth mail, we have to book a flight from Eindhoven airport via Ryanair and also pay it in advance ourselves.
In the bus to Eindhoven airportWe can travel back with Aefean Airlines to Eelde but for the one way from Eindhoven we have to pay more than for the original return flight from Eelde. It will all be paid back, they tell us at the customer service. All in all it takes quite some effort to sort it all out and also the bus driver who has to bring us from Eelde to Eindhoven this morning, does not understand exactly what is happening and cannot contact anyone of the travel agency. Eventually we leave with about 12 people in a bus that is way too big, to Eindhoven and in the sunshine I quickly close my eyes and doze off. We'll probably get there anyway.
Nice weather at Eindhoven airport Our plane to CorfuWe start the trip at least with beautiful weather and we can sit outside in the sun after we have arrived at Eindhoven airport. It is the first time that we are here and it is a lot bigger than Eelde; every few minutes a plane arrives or leaves and soon we see our own plane on the track. Even Elisabeth, who does not like flying at all, is looking forward to it.
We are at Corfu Corfu from the airThe flight takes less than 3 hours and then we see the island from the air, mountainous and with long beaches. It is the most northerly inhabited Ionian island on the west coast of Greece and lies just off the coast of Albania. We fly almost completely around the island and then start the landing to the airport of Kerkyra, the capital of the island. In the travel guide we read that the planes are flying closely over a pedestrian bridge, that spectacle we will definitely check out from the ground one of the next days.
Check damage to the rental carWhen we have landed we can quickly pick up our luggage and the rental car and make a lot of pictures of the damage. There are quite a lot of scratches and of course we do not want to be held responsible for them on return. We have no idea where we are going but I love driving a car so we will probably make quite a few kilometers. We first have to drive just over an hour to our first apartment and we do some shopping on the way.
View from our balcony in VitaladesThe first week we have already reserved from the Netherlands, a simple apartment in Vitalades on the southwest coast of the island. A quiet village, far away from mass tourism. We are warmly welcomed by a few family members who can speak less than 10 words of English. But somehow we manage to communicate about the necessary things. We really look forward to our second meeting with Greece and the first to a Greek island.
We have a balcony bwith view on the sea and it is warm enough most of the evening to sit outside.


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