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Driving around Corfu

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Sunday 07 June, driving around Corfu

I ordered a tomato saladToday we also take it easy, we have all the time of the world and are in no hurry. Last year we visited the most important archaeological sites on the mainland of Greece at a quick pace and now we want to have a little more vacation. That is why we go to the beach in the morning with our beach mats and books and we enjoy ourselves well even though there are more clouds. Then we go to our favorite restaurant here (there is only one open) and I decide to eat something healthy and order a tomato salad. And what do I get: a plate with just slices of tomato. In the Netherlands you expect at least some lettuce with it.
Cloudy above the west coast of CorfuIn the afternoon we drive a bit to the north, around the Korission lake, where many birds live, song and water birds according to our guide. There are real dunes with pungent shrubs, juniper berries according to the same guide. It is the largest lake on Corfu that was created by flooding. The Venetians had built marshes to extract salt from them and these have been combined by the floods in a natural way into this lake that is now a nature reserve.
We drive around a bit aimlessly, which is also nice for a change. Usually I have a whole list ready with everything I want to see during a holiday and even now I have a list but in one way or another I'm a bit less in a hurry. As if my life no longer depends on whether I get to see everything. It will be the age that starts to count. We let ourselves be led by the unreliable Greek signs and sometimes drive along the coast, then again through the mountains, today I do not have to see anything from my list.
The garbage men are on strike Dead snake without a head on the roadGarbage collection services at home do not exist here, containers are everywhere in which surrounding residents dump their rubbish, but it is clear that they need to be emptied. Later on we read on the internet that there is (again) a strike of garbage collectors because the Greek government, against all promises, does not want temporary employees to be permanently employed.
A bit further a car stops in front of us to take a picture of something on the ground. When we drive past it we see why: there is a dead snake on the road, without a head. For us also special, so often you do not see a snake on the road, so we also take a picture. But where is its head?
There are a number of snake species on Corfu and most are not poisonous but also the sandadder lives here and that is the most poisonous species of Europe. Fortunately snakes usually go out of your way and they only bite when they feel threatened. If they hear you coming from a distance, they'll get off quickly, so just do not try to walk too quietly when you go off a path. The snake we see here is most like a four-lined snake that is non-toxic.
Nets in an olive grove Nets in an olive groveWe also come through various olive groves where we all see black things on the ground. If we look a little better, they turn out to be nets. These are rolled under the trees in the winter, before the harvest season, so that the olives fall into them when they are harvested. They do not wait until they are so ripe that they fall off naturally, then they seem to be too bitter for consumption or for olive oil. They are beaten with sticks from the trees and then it is useful when they are caught in the nets.
Chapel along the road A candle burnsWe also regularly encounter small chapels along the roads. We call them that, but it is actually a so-called iconostasie, a monument that is placed at a place where a traffic accident occurred and commemorates the victims or the one(s) who were lucky. Sometimes they are rather neglected but often a candle burns like here and fresh flowers have been laid inside. Very often there is also a lighter to light a candle, which we find very moving somehow.
All in all it has been a relaxing day with some time on the beach and a ride through the inland of Corfu. We have now read a little bit more about what else can be seen and we will be more active tomorrow.


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