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A short drive over Corfu

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Thursday 11 June, a short drive over Corfu

Villa Anneta in Vitalades At the beach of VitaladesIt is a little misty this morning but warm enough to go to the beach. We need to rest after a noisy night. We have a few Russian girls as neighbors and they spent half the night on their balcony where they were not very quiet, probably because of the vodka. It is a simple and cheap apartment and especially the latter attracts many Eastern Europeans. There is nothing wrong with that, if they only take notice of the other guests. The past few nights it was no different and they looked at us somewhat sheepishly when we said something about it. No English ...
After noon we get in the car to see something of the island again but without fixed plans. We will see where the roads bring us. We clearly have not enough time to explore the island in 1 week so we decide to come back here at least the last week of our holiday.
A cemetery at Kritika A cemetery at KritikaNot far from our village we come across a cemetery where we take a look. Cemeteries often say a lot about the living and how they live. There is no grave here without a cross and the graves themselves seem well maintained, in contrast to the rest of the cemetery, the rubbish just lies on the pathways. It was not until 2006 that the government decided that people could be cremated as well, but until now there is still no crematorium in the country (perhaps in 2017 or 2018). If someone wants to be cremated, this must be done in neighboring Bulgaria.
The cemeteries in Greece constantly suffer from lack of space, especially in the cities. In Athens, bodies are dug up every 3 years to make room for others. The excavated remains are stored in a charnel house but apparently that does not always go very respectful or hygienic and sometimes relatives want to be there when it happens, which can be quite traumatic if a body is not completely dissolved. About 2% of the population wants to be cremated, according to research, but that is virtually impossible if you do not have enough money. And the lack of space will not soon disappear, because cremation is only permitted if your belief permits it, that is to say that the 98% of the population, who is officially Greek Orthodox, can not be cremated.
Church of the archangels, Argirades On a terrace in PsarasWe go further, going into all directions without a goal. The south side of Corfu is quite hilly but the higher mountains are in the north of the island. Via Argirades, where the large church of the archipelagos dominates the village, we go to Psaras on the northwest coast, a small village with just over 100 inhabitants but with some restaurants along the sea. It looks very tempting so we park the car for a drink and sit in the sun.
A colorful garden in Psaras View from the mountain village of ChlomosAfter that break we come through all kinds of nice Greek villages such as Chlomos which is a real mountain village, a narrow road with hairpin turns brings us up there. It is one of the oldest villages on the island and dates back to the 13th century. The village is built around the village square, where we eat something, and there are still many Venetian houses painted red or orange. The alleys here are occasionally very narrow.
A very narrow street in Argyrades A very narrow street in ArgyradesThe same goes for Argirades, where Teije suddenly drives into a side street and soon realizes that he can not go back when he also runs down a few steps. The car just fits in the street, there is less than 5 centimeters distance between the sidemirrors and the walls of the houses. And now we hope there will be no oncoming traffic! But yes, there comes a moped, but we really can not drive back and grumbling the moped driver goes backwards the whole piece until we can take a turn. Pff, I think Teije had a bit of sweat on his forehead, too!
At the end of the afternoon we go to the beach, because we have no idea when we have the chance again since we are going inland tomorrow.


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