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The waterfalls of Nidri and a few bays

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Thursday 18 June, the waterfalls of Nidri and a few bays

At the Nidri waterfalls To the Nidri waterfallsYesterday we apparently well rested because today we are already early on the road, by 8 o'clock. We have driven towards Nidri and see from a distance a plume of water spraying from the woods. We will visit the famous waterfalls of Nidri and park in the village on the east coast of Lefkada. Soon we find out that it is quite a long walk from the village.
We (actually me) are not well prepared because it takes us almost an hour to walk before we are at the entrance of the area to the waterfalls, it is more than 3 kilometers. Well, at least we get some exercise...
At the Nidri waterfalls The big Nidri waterfallAfter a while we see that we could have parked a lot closer, near the village of Rachi.
We follow the course of the river that flows into the sea at Nidri. The road runs slowly and the last part goes through a gap in the rocks and we have to clamber over the boulders, it is not really an easy walk. The stones that we have to climb over are smooth from the water and not everyone keeps dry clothes, but hey, the sun is shining and it is warm. We first encounter a number of small waterfalls that flow into turqoise-colored basins. The surroundings are really beautiful, a nice place to walk and we are not the only ones who think so because there are quite a few tourists around.
The big Nidri waterfall The big Nidri waterfallThe stream is not very big, in the winter and in the spring a lot more water falls down and the waterfalls must be much more impressive.
At the end of the gorge the highest waterfall falls down, but it isn't that big. We have seen a lot of more impressive waterfalls but I still think this one worth the walk.
We climb the path back to arrive at a tavern in a wooded area where we enjoy a cup of coffee in the shade. For us this was quite an effort. Now we still have tot walk a few kilometers back in the warm sun.
Port of Nidri on the east coast of Lefkada Little female on LefkadaNidri is now a tourist resort but in the past people mainly lived off fishing. The port is still there but now there are mainly sailing boats and motor yachts and there are a few ferries to the surrounding islands.
When we walk back to the car we see some dwarf women (can you still use the word dwarf?), very small people with big boots on, they look like witches with their old, wrinkled faces and big noses. It is a little embarrassing to ask if we can make a picture of someone like that, so we secretly do that when we have passed.
The Vlyho bay on Lefkada Rouda bay beach on LefkadaFrom Nidri we drive south to the large Vlyho bay, an inland sea where the Greeks like to sail in the weekends. There is a peninsula that runs all the way north again, opposite Nidri, thus forming a large inland sea. The only real village here is Geni but if you are looking for a beach, you are in the wrong place, they are not there. At Mikros Gialos we arrive at the Rouda bay, where there is a pebble beach with a beautiful view. There we lay down our mats and enjoy two hours of the water and the sun.
Port of Syvota, Lefkada Port of Syvota, LefkadaThen we drive to the next bay, at Syvota, according to the travel guide the most 'picturesque' harbor town on Lefkada. Here, too, there are many sailing boats and yachts, from simple to pretty luxurious and pricey. Along the harbor is a whole row of restaurants and there are not enough tourists yet because the waiters do their best to lure customers inside. We choose one with comfotable chairs and a view over the sheltered bay.
Coast at Apollonioi, Lefkada Dark clouds on LefkadaMore and more clouds are appearing in the sky at the end of the afternoon and we are returning via the main circular road over the island to the west. Along the way we come across some nice places that we note for a later visit. It is certainly a beautiful island.
Back at our apartment the owner gives us a bag of herbs, good for tea when he realizes that I especially like to drink herbal tea in the morning. But in the evening I prefer a beer. Despite the dark air, it stays dry and warm and we can sit on the balcony for a long time.


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