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A last day on Lefkada and via Parga back to Corfu

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Sunday 21 June, a last day on Lefkada and via Parga back to Corfu

Mills in the north of Lefkada Ruin of a mill on LefkadaIn many places that once fell under the rule of the Venetians, you can find windmills. Somewhat different than the Dutch because they look more like white, round turrets and often they miss the blades. These were not broad wings as we know them, but spokes where sails were attached to, to catch the wind. Most were built from the 15th century on and mainly used to grind wheat. These are on the northern headland above Lefkada town.
Lagoon in the north of Lefkada Lefkada cityThere are a number of headlands that form two large lagoons on the north and northwest side of Lefkada where many birds hibernate, but they are now elsewhere, there is little life to be seen. One of the headlands is also the access road to the island where a small bridge connects the mainland with the island. This piece of Lefkada is rather flat compared to the rest of the island.
We have not spent much time in the capital Lefkada (or Lefkada) yet it is not very big and we walk through it for a while.
Iron belt tower, Lefkada city Iron belt tower, Lefkada cityIt is not really a special city but has a lively tourist center with shops and terraces. In terms of buildings we only see a few nice churches with freestanding iron bell towers. It seems that, because of the many earthquakes, the bell towers were being built separately from the church so that they would not collapse in an earthquake. Thus the city was completely destroyed in 1948. At that time there were more than 30,000 inhabitants, now just over 10,000.
The Agios Ioannis beach, LefkadaWe drive around some areas of the island where we have not been yet but pass the Faneromeni monastery over there. We read later that the view seems to be very beautiful from there, just like the monastery itself, so in retrospect we maybe should have gone there. From Lefkada city one arrives quickly in the mountains and here we have a beautiful view over the northern Agios Ioannis beach and one of the lagoons.
On the Pefkoulia beach, Lefkada Terrace in Agios NikitasBut after an hour of driving around we do not feel like it anymore and we look for the beach where we stay for a few hours. Then we go to Agios Nikitas, where we were already often, to eat and drink something and then we go back in time to our apartment. It was all in all a quiet day on which we did not do much. A real holiday!

Monday 22 June 2015, via Parga to Corfu

We say goodbye to our landlords the next morning, who are happy to say goodbye and invite us to come back again. And so we do, within ten minutes Elisabeth realizes she has forgotten something and we have to go back again. That was faster than expected. But now we are going to Corfu where we will spend the last part of our vacation, we have not seen everything there yet.
The beach in Parga Islet in front of PargaWe take the coastal road to the north and stop in colorful Parga, which would be one of the nicest villages in Epirus, the northwestern part of mainland Greece. It is built in a cove in a bay against a rocky slope and the beach is full of loungers and parasols. The tourists know how to find the place in any case, there are lots of them. From above you have a nice view of the village.
Islet in front of Parga The bay of PargaOff the coast are some large rocks and islands, one of which (Panagia) is a bit bigger. There is a church and a path runs up through the trees. Children swim there to dive from the rocks into the sea. And even though it is very touristic, it does not bother us very much, there is a pleasant atmosphere in the village. When you climb up from the boulevard along the coast, you end up in a jumble of narrow alleys with shops, very nice to wander about.
Venetian castle of PargaAfter a break in a tavern we walk in the direction of the 16th century ruins of the Venetian castle that looks down on the village. Despite the presence of the castle at that strategic location, the village has been besieged and conquered several times. This also ensures that you encounter different building styles in the village. All in all a very nice place that is worth a visit.
Ferries in IgoumenitsaBut then we drive to Igoumenitsa where we take the boat to Lefkimmi in Corfu. An hour on the boat and then we have to drive almost 2 hours to Roda, all the way to the north of Corfu where we have reserved for 10 nights. When we arrived we stayed in the south of the island, now we can view the northern part easier.
We have to search for the apartment complex and when we have finally found it, we also have to wake up the boy who looks after the apartments for his family. The room we have is not large but is fine enough and we have a balcony overlooking the dried out garden. No sea view this time, but we see the sea often enough during the daytime.


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