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We look at beaches on Corfu

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Tuesday 30 June, we look at beaches on Corfu

At the Liapades beach, Gefyra At the Liapades beach, GefyraWe decided to spend the last day in Kerkyra, tomorrow will be a complete rest day and today we will drive along a stretch of coast where we have not been yet. We start in Liapades, a little past Palaiokastritsa and a drive of about an hour through the mountains. It will be a trip along all beaches, from large to small and from quiet to busy. Here is the whole beach full of beach chairs and umbrellas, an organized beach as they call it.
At the Liapades beach, Gefyra Town square in LiapadesNot a beach we like but still a nice place to drink coffee and study the map where we will go now. The real village of Liapades lies slightly from the beach as you often see on the Greek islands. The beach is there to make money from the tourists, living your life happens a little further on. When we drive through the village against the mountain slope, we eventually reach the village square where the road also stops immediately. The road through the village is very bad indeed.
Hotel complex at Ermones Lift of a hotel, ErmonesThe next part of the beach we see at Ermones where a large holiday resort is built above the beach. On the right picture you even see a cable car that takes the guests from top to bottom and vice versa. What a lazy people! Although, also quite handy if you want to return to your apartment a few times a day. According to legend, this is the beach where Odysseus would have met Nausicaa, the princess of the Phaeacians, after he had once again been shipwrecked.
On the Mirtiotissa beach On the Mirtiotissa beachFurther south we follow a bad and narrow road to the Mirtiotissa beach.
'Pervert', a scooter driver suddenly says to Teije when he wants to take a picture of the beach. A part of the beach is for nudists of which we had no idea. But Teije is so stupid to start a discussion and they almost get into a fight. According to the man, most Western tourists are dirty peepers and he does not believe that we just want to capture the beautiful surroundings. But for those looking for it: here is a nudist beach, see the right picture.
The beach at Glyfada A tavern in GlyfadaAt Glyfada we see the next beach, elongated and quite wide, according to some the most beautiful beach of Corfu. It is indeed a beautiful sandy beach and it is completely surrounded by pine trees. Especially with the Greeks itself it is a popular beach, it is only 15 kilometers away from Kerkyra. There are also plenty of restaurants and café's and we eat a fresh salad at one of the taverns.
A small harbor in Avramis The Peleka beachWe drive a bit further south and at Avramis we see a tiny harbor; the village itself is not that big either, only 40 people live there. Nearby is the Peleka beach that is also very beautiful. It is good that it is not so hot in the Netherlands otherwise I would really miss these kind of beaches. The road to the beach is steep and of course also bad like so many roads on this island.
It is already late in the afternoon and we have to drive back an hour even though we can now take a much faster road than on the way there. We just have some time to visit our own nice beach that we have almost entirely for ourselves, hundreds of meters long.

Wednesday 01 July 2015, a day on the beach on Corfu

Nice house at Apraos bayThe next day, wednesday 1 July, is a full resting day: first breakfast on the beach and then to 'our' beach at Apraos bay. The little house on the bay, that we find so beautiful, is now empty, we would have liked to stay there. By noon we walk a few hundred meters further along the beach to a part where there are some restaurants for something to eat and then back to our own place. Sunbathing, bathing, reading, closing our eyes, terrific!
Teije on the balcony in Roda Elisabeth in the garden, RodaIn the evening I take a walk through the garden of the complex where we have an apartment. On the island we see more and more tourists arriving, but here it is very quiet, we have virtually no neighbors. You do not hear me complaining about it. Roda is not really a fantastic village but a nice starting place if you have your own transport to explore the northern part of the island.


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