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Via Eelde airport going home

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Friday 03 July, via Eelde airport going home

We almost leave Corfu again Kerkyra from the airWe do not wake up from the noise of aircraft engines, but they are already flying off and on when we walk to the airport at 8.30 am, less than 200 meters to the entrance. Everything goes fast, as often at airports and before we know the plane is ready to lift off. And then we are in the air. I do not like flying at all, but I was very fascinated when looking at all those devices come by from below, we spent hours watching.
We have just taken off from Kerkyra airport Corfu from the airAnd now I am in it myself, look there is the harbor where we were yesterday afternoon! The plane first flies away from the island but then makes a sharp turn so that it looks like we are flying back to Corfu. We keep going higher and it gets more misty, yet the island comes closer again. I will never get over my fear of flying, but I have never enjoyed seeing planes so much like this holiday.
Corfu from the air The walkway where we have spent so much timeAnd there we see the dam where we have been for so many hours, and right and left of it the hills where we were at the same height as the planes. But we fly on and soon the island disappears from sight and also the Mediterranean Sea. This time we land at Eelde, an airport that is not much bigger than Corfu, but way less spectacular. The advantage is that it is only a 15 minute drive to our house and we are picked up by one of our daughters.
In the Netherlands it is one hour earlier and at 12 o'clock we are already at home. Unbelievable that you can travel so fast, that is one of those great things about airplanes!
Now we will first enjoy this holiday for some longer, again we have had a wonderful time. After 2x Greece I have to admit that I like the country even more and that I really want to be back next year, if only because of the warm weather, the sun and the beaches. A perfect country for holidays because there is also still plenty to see and do. And where we first thought of 2 weeks of Corfu, I am now very happy that it turned out to be 4 weeks due to a mistake at the planning office of my work!
By the way: the travel company where we booked has gone bankrupt but we have received the money back. But flying directly from Eelde to Corfu is no longer an option, alas.


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