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From Thasos to Paralia Dionisiou and then back home

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Thursday 23 June, from Thasos to Paralia Dionisiou and then back home

On our balcony at Studios Gagos, Thassos The swimming pool at our apartment in Astris on ThassosWe leave from Thassos today but we still have to pay. And just like on arrival, we have to call and wait a long time for someone to arrive. Teije rehearses his learned phrases of Greek on the Albanian cleaner while we wait on our balcony. There are many Albanian immigrants in Greece who are looking for a better future here, but they do have the worst paid jobs such as cleaning. Greece has a lot of problems with migrants, especially now that many refugees are entering the country via Turkey. But on the other hand, they are also happy with the cheap labor force, a difficult problem.
We leave with the ferry from Thassos On the ferry from Thassos to KeramotiAfter we have paid, we go to Limenas and take the ferry to the mainland. We have been here for 9 days but it feels like it wa way too short. We had this holiday plan to travel through the east of Greece but Thassos came as a surprise to us, we had never even heard of it. We always saw the island as a mountainous green clog off the coast and became increasingly curious. The more we read about it, the more attractive it became. Less than 3 months after our departure, large forest fires break out and thousands of hectares of woods are unfortunately being lost.
The beach at Paralia Dionisiou Chess in Dinonisos PalmsOn our way to Paralia Dionisiou we stop at our beach at Kalyves to have a last beach break and then we drive on, to be welcomed for the third time this holiday by Michael and Kiki. On the beach we look for a restaurant for something to eat and then we go back to the apartment. We meet a Russian family and Teije plays a game of chess with a Russian, which he loses but he has not played chess for years.

Friday 24 June 2016, going back home

The last morning inevitably comes but we will only have to be at the airport by 12 o'clock and it's only a half hour drive. That's why we first have breakfast along the beach and this time we get the best free dessert we've ever had: cherries on ice cubes, delicious, since it is already quite warm!
We say goodbye to everyone we have met over the last few weeks here and then drive to the airport. We will definitely come back next year, we promise.
Waiting for the airport in ThessalonikiAt the airport we stay outside as long as possible because it is such nice weather. Teije buys a children's book in Greek, study material, because he has also already ordered a Greek course online in the Netherlands.
And then we go into the air to land at Schiphol at 4 o'clock. There we still have to wait for the taxi bus to hotel Zwanenburg where our car is parked and then another 2 hours drive home. Eventually it is almost 8 hours before we are home.
What a fantastic holiday it has been. We have seen a lot again but also enjoyed the sun and the sea. And get to know nice people. As far as I am concerned, we are going again next year and Teije is just as keen on it.


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