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Serbia: travelogue summer 2017

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Serbia: travelogue summer 2017

For the first time we go with our own car to Greece, a trip of about 2.5 days. But on the way we stop for 2 days at Belgrade to visit the Serbian capital. After that we start in Chalkidiki on the eastern mainland of Greece. From there we travel to the Olympus mountain range and then the beautiful Pilio region. We want to visit at least one island, every trip to Greece, but now we visit two: Euboea (pronounced as Evia) and later Zakynthos. We meet some friends from earlier trips adn make new friends. It is also the first time that Teije can practise his Greek since he decided to learn the language last year.


We are visiting Belgrade
Another day in Belgrade


We stay a few days in Paralia Dionisous
A visit to Thessaloniki and then to Olympiaki Akti
The Macedonian tomb of Philip II in Vergina
Going to Mount Olympus
To the archeological site of Dion
To Argalasti and the south west side of the Pilion
The northeast of the Pilion and Miliës
We explore the island of Evia or Euboea
To Diakopto on the Peloponnese
To Keri on Zakynthos
To Zakynthos town and Shipwreck Bay
Beaches and an olive oil factory
Ammoudia and the northwest coast of Greece
To Zalongo, Preveza and Parga
To Ioannina and the Pindos
The silversmithing and two other museums in Ioannina
Bad weather so we go back home

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