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Visiting Dutch acquaintances in Amaliapolis

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Wednesday 20 June, visiting Dutch acquaintances in Amaliapolis

Donkeys on the road? Strange creatures in the gardenToday we have an appointment with Paulien and her husband Reinder who have a house in Amaliapolis (Amaliastad). Paulien is a fellow student in our Greek conversation group in the Netherlands and her husband is now retired but has done excavations for years as a professor of archeology in the area. On their way to them we first come across this altered road sign in which a cow has been turned into an ass. We also see some strange metal sculptures in a garden.
We have arranged to meet in Almyros and, after a short search, we find them on the terrace at the large square in the center. We drink coffee and then go first to a electronics store in the neighborhood for a cable for my camera where I try to explain what I want in my best Greek. But to my surprise, the man laughs at me and shows that, in another place than where I looked, there is a normal connection, just like that of a mobile phone. How stupid of me! So, tonight I can finnaly charge the battery.
Museum in Almyros Museum in AlmyrosThen we go to the local museum, a small one that is closed. But Reinder talks to the guard for a moment and we can go inside where he explains about the exhibits. There is also a small room with objects from their excavation and he tells nice stories about the often difficult cooperation with the Greek authorities. We stay there for an hour and then we go to the place where they used to do excavations.
Old city wall near Amaliapolis Old city wall near AmaliapolisIt started with findingf a gate but in the end they discovered that this was part of a 5 kilometer long wall that surrounded a city, New Halos. From 1976 to 2014 there have been excavations but now the terrain is largely overgrown again and there is a fence around the gate. Yet Reinder and Paulien know how to tell a few good stories about what has been found so that we can see a realistic image of the old city before us. They have also nice stories about all that happened during those years, like the employee who put a hand in a wall cavity (never do that, there can be snakes or scorpions in it!) and thus pulled out a coin treasure.
These are stories that I love and that we can listen to them for a while longer when we drive to Amaliapolis and have dinner at a restaurant. Then we go to their house that is outside the town between the olive groves. On the one hand we would also like to have a house in Greece but on the other hand we like to travel to different places and with a house abroad you are soon limited to this or you have to rent it out.
With Paulien we go to the local beach where it is busy and there are thick pebbles on the beach. We are really already very spoiled that we suffer from it, we like our beaches quiet and with soft sand!
At the end of the day we say goodbye to them, we see each other again in the Netherlands. A nice day, something different than when we are travelling alone.


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