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To the northeast of Kefalonia, the Melissani cave

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Tuesday 03 July, to the northeast of Kefalonia, the Melissani cave

The bay of Argostoli, Kefalonia Black boat in the port of SamiI like it that we go out for a few hours a day and spend a couple of hours on the beach, which is ideal when it is so hot. Today we cross the island to Sami, a town surrounded by hills that, after the earthquake of 1953, was completely rebuilt. We have visited the sights around the city before, so today we wander through the village and find a terrace near the harbor where there is a black boat that I like very much (I'm a fan of black).
Statue in Sami, Kefalonia Statues in Sami, KefaloniaIn a side street of the boulevard we see a building with 2 Greek statues in front of it. They are probably reproductions and not original images from Greek antiquity. The very fact that their genitals are shielded indicates that it is almost impossible that they are originals, as the old Greeks were not so prudish. What has always amazed me is that women in classical Greece had so little value in and that they were only good for childbirth. According to some philosophers, real love was even only possible between men and that this was not only platonic, as is evident from many pictures on vases and jugs from that time. Homophilia between free citizens (and therefore only men) was fully accepted at that time.
Beach at Karavomylos Karavomilis lake, KefaloniaWhen we leave Sami we stop at Karavomilis, a small fishing village and seaside resort west of Sami. Here is the lake of Karavomilis where the water that goes underground at Katavothres on the other side of the island comes to the surface again, a trip of about 15 kilometers. Geologists discovered this in 1963 by putting a dye at Katavothres into the water and a few weeks later, remains were found here.
Karavomilis lake, Kefalonia Waterwheel at the Karavomilis lake, KefaloniaOf course there is a restaurant next to the lake where you can walk around. But as impetuous as the water at Katavothres disappears under the ground, so quiet it resurfaces here because the water surface is very smooth. It is a wonderfully shady spot and it is quiet, at least now that we are here. In high summer it is definitely much busier. At the end of the lake is a traditional water mill.
Fish art at Lake Karavomilis, Kefalonia Pictures of Pan and nymphs at the Melissani caveThe dye that was used in 1963 was found in even more places, as in the Melissani caves where we now go, not so far from here. It was also discovered that the subsurface of the island is not massive but is traversed by trenches and tunnels that have been hollowed out by the water. This seems to be a special island for geologists.
With a boat in the Melissani cave, Kefalonia With a boat in the Melissani cave, KefaloniaI said a few years ago that I do not want to see any more caves, I am totally finished with them. As beautiful as they can be, in the end it is all more of the same (for me). But I really need to visit the Melissani caves, Teije says and the travel guides we have with us seem to agree with him. A tunnel full of tourists brings us down where boats are waiting to make a short trip over the underground lake.
After half an hour's waiting, it is our turn and the rower picks up the camera from everyone to take a picture, so finally we have a picture again with the two of us on it together.
With a boat in the Melissani cave, Kefalonia Selfies in the Melissani cave, KefaloniaAbove the cave is a large opening through which the sun shines so the water turns bright blue. It is a spectacular sight, but it is a pity that it has become such a tourist highlight, no less than 8 boats are sailing across the lake at the same time and some people are more concerned with making selfies than enjoying the special natural phenomenon. The lady on the right-hand picture made at least a 100 and I do not think she looked around once!
Buses in the port of EvfimiaOk, I have to admit, this cave visit was worth it, but especially because I did not have to walk up and down and could sit quietly on a boat. But now no more caves for me! We drive along the coast to the north and stop in Evfimia where we had lunch a few days ago. It is a nice but busy place and we walk through it and do some shopping, so we won't have to do that later.
Dry landscape at KourouklataThrough the mountains we then return with a detour to our side of the island, near Argostoli. In some places there is a lot of vegetation while other areas are rather arid, like here at Kourouklata.
After this trip it's time to relax again and I like it that we have found a nice and quiet beach where there is enough space for us so that we do not have to search. And just like yesterday, we have a great time, with my e-reader I have endless books with me so I don't get bored. It has been another wonderful day.


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