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From Kefalonia back to Zacharo

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Thursday 05 July, from Kefalonia back to Zacharo

On a terrace we wait for the ferry in Poros Poros seen from the ferryWe have spent 9 days on Kefalonia and have not even seen everything, but today we are going back to the Peloponnese. At 11 o'clock the boat leaves and it is radiant weather, very different than on the way here. We are quite early in Poros, from where the ferry leaves, so we first drink a cup of coffee in the village. Although, coffee? Honestly it is not drinkable at all ... The quality of coffee differs quite a bit per restaurant in Greece, I have noticed.
Poros, Kefalonia, from the ferryAfter a quiet crossing of about an hour we drive from Kyllini to the south because we have arranged for another couple of nights at Theodore's Apartments. First we drive to the beach, in a place where there are more cars and many people walk around so that we do not run the risk of being robbed one more time. We have become a bit hesitant for visiting too quiet beaches. But the sea is pretty rough and after an hour we drive into the village to do some shopping and to get something to eat.
This lady goes to the beach, ZacharoWe are right next to a busy intersection and because the service is not so fast (the waitress spends most of her time in a bar across the street), we have plenty of time to view the traffic: cars and mopeds that park in the middle of the road to get some food or a newspaper at the kiosk. Most still have respect for the red light, but not all of them. And this lady does not want to blow up the beach toys every day so the inflatable unicorn has to be transported on the roof of the car. Traffic in Greece is regularly a pleasant chaos.
Then we go to our apartment where we search for the owners. In the end the daughter of the boss knows where to find Theodore, who was taking a nap. We get another apartment with a private terrace. Meanwhile, he knows that Teije likes to speak Greek so he keeps on talking to us, even to me, in Greek. I do not understand anything, but that does seem to bother him.

Friday 06 July 2018, to Katakolo and the beach

The next day we first go to Katakolo where we make a choice from the many olive wood products that are for sale. We choose quite a lot of different things and we agree that the seller will pack everything and we will pick it up on Monday when we go north again.
On the boulevard we look for the restaurant where we were previously and where we are certain that we get good coffee and cappuccino.
Neglected information board Neglected archaeological siteThen we drive around the Kefaias lake where there is a spa, but the water stinks quite a bit. We also see signs to archaeological sites, but they are very neglected here, closed with a rusted fence or completely overgrown. I do not trust the brown signs that refer to archaeological sites, in more than half of the cases there appears to be nothing to see.
It is clear that everything here is still under the groundTeije still believes the signs and follows a sign to an old acropolis. But after a kilometer on a bad sand road full of deep holes the sign points straight into the ground. And whatever way we go from there, we find nothing, especially no remains of an acropolis. Probably the money was gone to put more signs to the right place and you have to guess the last 500 meters yourself.
Our terrace in Zacharo Grape bunches on our terrace, ZacharoIn our apartment the old boss tries to sell Greek lessons to Teije: his daughters are teachers and they can do that very well (against payment of course, he is clearly crazy about money). Well, he can restore our electricity for free, because it does not work. We stay the night on our terrace surrounded by bunches of grapes, although I have to get inside after some time when the mosquitoes show.


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