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To Paralia Dionysiou in Chalkidiki

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Wednesday 11 July, to Paralia Dionysiou in Chalkidiki

Gradually the end of our journey is coming near and in the morning we say goodbye to our landlords who give us a box of fresh eggs. Then we head for our friends Michael and Kiki in Paralia Dionisiou, a trip of 330 kilometers through Greece. After 20 kilometers through the mountains we see the highway and form that point we make good progress.
The lake of Ioannina Bears on the road, Ioannina - ThessalonikiBut there are 2 places where we want to take a picture: from the hills we have a nice view of Lake Ioannina and we know that there are signs along the highway that warn for bears on the road. I have already tried a few times to make a picture of it while driving by but they are not clear. Again this time it does not work at the first signs and then we do what we often see others do: we just stop on the emergency lane, just before such a sign. We put on the alarm lights and I can take a picture, through the windshield of the car. Next time I really have to get out of the car to get a better quality.
But we do not encounter bears with puppies. Past Thessaloniki, on the busy road to Nea Moudania, we do see a dead wild boar on the road, though. You wouldn't like to hit such an animal on the road, not even a dead one. The motorists speed around it skillfully. So, not a bear but we saw a boar on the road!
Parasailing at Kalyves Eating in Nea MoudaniaWe arrive very early and have plenty of time to go to our beach at Kalives and after that we eat something in Nea Moudania. We are warmly welcomed at our apartment, unbelievable that it was almost a month since we were here. And we are lucky: tonight there is a Greek music evening on a terrace along the beach in the village and we are invited to go there.
With a number of German and Swiss Greeks, Greek Austrians, but also a number of Russians we know, we sit ourselves at the long tables and the atmosphere is great. Fortunately, I do not have to dance, but there are plenty of others who do. A nice company and a pleasant evening and it is quite late when we go to bed.
View from our balcony in Paralia Dionysiou View from our balcony in Paralia DionysiouThis time we have the upper apartment of the building, the skywatch, with a balcony almost all around so that we have a view of the surroundings on all sides. Paralia Dionisiou is really a summer resort: most of the buildings are rented out to tourists and in winter it seems to be almost extinct because most owners live elsewhere, in Thessaloniki or around it.
Swimming in the warm sea, Kalybes Swimming in the warm sea, KalybesOn the real last day of our holiday we have breakfast in the bar with the Austrian owner where we come more often, then go to the peninsula Kassandra to buy the last souvenirs and then for the last time to the beach where it is busier today than usual. It is mid-July and the tourist flow is really well under way, time we are leaving! But the sea water is now very nice and warm so we stay on the beach for a few hours. This is something I will miss in Holland.


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