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Bulgaria and Greece: travelogue spring 2019

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Bulgaria and Greece: travelogue spring 2019

In 2019 we had the possibility to leave home for 7 weeks and we wanted to be back before the high season started, so we set out already on 11 May. By car we first drove to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, where we stayed 3 nights and then on to Greece where we explored the islands of Evia, Salamina, Poros and Andros, among others. Again a beautiful trip but this time we took it easier since we had alrready seen so much in Greece. And it was the first time that we used our dashcam, so you can also watch some videos of our trip.


The long trip to Sofia
Our first visit to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria
Walking through Sofia


On our first days in Greece we visit Chalkidiki
To the Pelion peninsula
We stay almost a week in the south of Evia, at Karystos
We explore the island of Salamina near Athens
We visit Poros a few days, an island off the coast of the Peloponnese
We stay for a week on the island Andros
We are going back to the south of Evia in Marmari for a few days
Back to our friends in Chalkidiki
The tiring trip back to the Netherlands

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