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Italy and Croatia: travelogue summer 2004

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Italy and Croatia: travelogue summer 2004

We were invited to a campsite in Italy for a week by an advertiser, so we have planned a trip. But when we call the campsite they don't know anything about it. Afterwards it all turned out to be a misunderstanding and we had been welcome. But now we have just driven our own route and seen beautiful things. And Teije has just escaped being arrested in Vatican City. After the tour through Italy we drove on to Croatia where we visited an old acquaintance.


Via Austria through the Alps and the Dolomites to Venice, Italy
A visit to Venice
Via Verona to Florence
Visiting Florence
Cinque Terre, Pisa
Sienna, after which all roads lead to Rome
Walking through Rome
Rome, to Vatican City
From Rome to Pompei
A fascinating walk through Pompei
Into Calabria, southern Italy
A short visit to Tropea, Calabria and relaxing days
Through the Sila to the north along the Adriatic coast
The caves of Frasassi and a quick visit to San Marino


A very long drive to Zaton, Croatia
Spending the day with Joshko and a few days on the beach
With Joshko and his mother to the island Pag

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