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A short visit to Tropea, Calabria and relaxing days

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Monday 31 May, a short visit to Tropea, Calabria and relaxing days

View from our campsiteAfter some heavy cloudbursts tonight, the sky looks nice and clear when we wake up. A few clouds hang low in the sky, but they don't threaten the sunshine and the temperature is really nice. In the afternoon it even becomes hot, something we expected to happen much earlier during this holiday. But it doesn't last very long.
Until late in the afternoon we stay at the campsite and enjoy the nice weather. Finally a real relaxing holiday-day, without having to go somewhere. It is very quiet here and we are almost alone on the campsite, the first time that it is so quiet since we came to Italy.
Tropea TropeaLater in the afternoon we drive to Tropea to see if there are any shops open since we have forgotten that it is Easter Monday and everything here is closed. Tropea turns out to be a very pretty town and the old center is build on a rock protuding out into the sea. The alleys are narrow and the atmosphere is very pleasant.
TropeaThe only shops that are open are selling souvenirs and even most restaurants are closed. Fortunately for us there are a few bars open at a square where we can sit outside and have a cappucino. We buy a few filled croissants for our evening meal and for breakfast tomorrow.
When we walk towards the coast we suddenly see on the beach a rock, standing a bit aside, with a church on top of it. The building itself is not very special, but the location is really superb!
On the campsite Our beachBack on our green campsite we walk towards the beach, a five minute walk. Today we have spend most time near our tent and took our time to reorganise our things, do some laundry, etcetera. The beach is for tomorrow, at least, when the weather cooperates.
Elisabeth at the beach Elisabeth in the seaAs you can see, it is very pleasant near the sea! But as far as we are concerned the temperature may rise a few more degrees and we hope there will be a bit less wind, then we will have no trouble spending some time at the beach.

Tuesday 01 June 2004, another relaxing day at Briatico

The Calabran ApeninesA clear sky greets us when we leave the tent. We don't have any plans for today but Teije likes to take a drive through the area. I like to stay at home, near the tent, while he drives for a few hours through the Calabrian Apenines. He passes through nice villages but doesn't take the time to take pictures.
Meanwhile I am sitting in the sun, enjoying a good book and the surroundings. And watching a few newcomers who need two hours before they decide where to put their camper, fighting each other every minute. Camping doesn't seem fun and relaxing, that way...
Beach at Briatico Swimming pool at the campsiteWhen Teije returns we go to the beach together for a few hours. The sea still feels pretty cold but it is nice in the sun. When we walk back there are twelve new Dutch motor homes together on a small area (of course right next to us!) who have just arrived.
We don't dislike the Dutch (we are Dutch ourselves, why should we?) but when on holiday we like to have some privacy and have no desire to meet fellow countrymen. And we don't understand this strange behaviour of people to shack up together on a small spot while there is an enormous part of the campground empty. We don't care too much, but we are glad we are travelling on tomorrow.
Still relaxingItaly is a beautiful and diverse country, there are only too many tourists, even now when it is not yet the summer season. But that doesn't prevent us from enjoying it.


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