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Advertising on www.havetravelfun.com

This website used to be the English part of www.teije.nl with more than 2,000 visitors a day. But in 2009 we put the English part on a new domain: www.havetravelfun.com with its own advertising tariffs. From 2009 until 2016 we had about 50,000 unique pageviews per month but since last June it is a bit lower, probably due to the fact that we haven't updated the website for a long time and new algorithms of google. We are now busy updating the whole website and we hope the number of visitors will grow again.


Commercial sites who return a link to our website can get a free link on the linkpartner-page. This page is only accessible from the general linkpage. For Placement of a commercial ad on another page we ask a small fee. We would like to be rewarded for the huge amount of time that our websites take, so we have made a few rules:

• On a lot of pages we display only up to a maximum of ads, an exception are the linkpages.
• Placement of an ad is for a year.
• At this moment we only display text ads: a short sentence with a link, although we also provide the possibility for editorials (a sentence with a link to a page on our website and in our layout) where an advertisers can put more information and links.

Tariffs for text links

Kind of page Example Price (per year ex VAT) Maximum number
Setup fee text ad (only once):€ 5 
Setup fee editorial (only once):€ 10 
Indexpage index.php € 60 4
Country main menu Scotland main page € 25 3
Information page Scotland information page € 25 3
Puzzlepagina Albania puzzle page € 20 3
Travelogue menu Ireland travelogue menu € 15 5
Travelogue page Ireland travelogue € 10 5
Linkpage Scotland linkpage € 6 unlimited

Algemene voorwaarden

• 5% discount for 5 or more ads;
• 15% discount for more than 10 links;
• A contract starts on the 1st of the month after placement of the ad (so placement on May 10 goes onto June 30 the next year);
• Prices are excluding 21% VAT, except for countries within the EU when an advertiser has a VAT-number;
• You will get an invoice from our company Asha and the whole amount has to be paid within 30 days;
• When an invoice hasn't been paid within 30 days after the contract starts it can lead to withdrawal of the advertisement although you will still have the obligation to pay the invoice. In this case the ad will be put on the website again after the payment;
• Links will be opened in a new window; in case the advertiser wants the new link to be opened in the same window we charge 10% extra;
• For payment through Paypal-request or creditcard we charge 4% extra because of the extra costs we are charged for that;
• Ads are not automatically renewed, we send an e-mail to ask if the advertiser wants to prolong the ad;
• The anchortext and link of the ad can be changed 3x a year without additional costs;

Other ways of advertising

For other forms of advertisement, please contact us. Also for advertising on one of the other websites we own, like www.teije.nl, www.reizennaarschotland.nl and www.schotlandforum.nl.

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