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Everything on this website is written and photographed by ourselves unless otherwise stated. In the article on About this website we list the sources we have used. Everything that we use from third parties is with the consent of the owners of that data.
Of course we are completely responsible for the content of this website and when you see anything wrong, please let us know so we can make our website more reliable. But we also speak out our opinions now and then and surely you don't have to agree to them. But we don't want to hurt anyone (it happened a few times in the past), so if you feel offended by anything please let us also know. It surely is not our intention to hurt anybody.
Some of the information may be outdated since we publish stories from 2000 and we cannot keep every page up to date.

But if you feel compelled to go out and travel after visiting this stories we don't take any responsibility for that :) We hope you enjoy our short travelogues and travel puzzles.

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