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Website updates

Here you can find about the changes on our website. Since most entries were quite old and not relevant anymore, we left them out.


7 December 2018
The account of our trip to Scotland in September 2015 and Scotland in September 2016 are ready. We have 3 more travel accounts to write (1x Scotland and 2x Greece). Hopefully we manage to do that before our next trip, so the website will be finally up-to-date.

20 November 2018
The account of our trip to Greece 2015 and the trip to Scotland 2015 have been published.

30 October 2018
The travelogue of Greece 2018 and our account of the trip to Scotland 2018 are ready. Still 7 travels (4x Scotland en 3x Greece) to make.

13 August 2018
We have finished the translation of our travelogue Greece 2014. After this we will first make our 2018 traveloguie (also to Greece).

20 April 2018
The travelogue to Paris and Bruges 2013 is finished. 8 more travelogues to go (4x Scotland and 4x Greece).

10 April 2018
We have finished the travelogue of our trip to Scotland, 2013 and also the puzzlepage of that trip is ready. Unfortunately we have lost a lot of pictures from this holiday.

24 March
We have added a few new puzzles of Germany and our travelogue to Germany 2012 is finally ready! Now we have 11 more travels to go but also 2 holidays to come this year! Slowly we make some progress catching up.
8 March
We have added 100 new puzzles of Scotland 2009 and 2011 and our travelogue to Scotland 2009 is finally ready, after 9 years!

November 2017

We have updated our website technically so it uses the same structure as our Dutch website (www.teije.nl) and the same database. The travelogues up to 2008 have been translated now and finally we can take the time to translate all travelogues from 2009 on. We are really way behind! Sorry for that.
But since most of the visitors look especially for the puzzles we have updated those and there 150 new ones and have about 600 more to publish shortly. We alos had to update our puzzle script to be able to put more puzzles on the website but alas, it has also a few limitations.
If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Updates up to 2016Naar boven

1 March 2009
The whole English part of www.teije.nl has been transferred to havetravelfun.com including the puzzle pages.
December 2004
In 2004 the whole website was restyled (again) and we translated all pages into English.
12 november 2001
We claimed the domain www.teije.nl and move the website there

14 October 2001
Our first small website goes online.

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