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From Vesterålen to the Lofoten

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Saturday 29 June, from Vesterålen to the Lofoten

Packing again To the LofotenThe next morning we wake up by the sunlight (of course) and it is warm. A nice time to do the housekeeping. But not for long, for we want to be on our way.
After 40 km. we arrive at Melbu where we take the ferry to Fiskebøl. From afar we can already see the Lofoten.
To the Lofoten To the LofotenA shallow sea and a sandy bottom make this place look like a tropical island. And we will see a lot of white sandy beaches on these islands.
Fiskebøl FiskebølWithin half an hour we enter the harbour of Fiskebøl and the first kilometers all the cars coming from the ferry drive in one long procession on the only road that goes from here. Most of them are campers and cars with a trailer behind them.
Off the boat againWe have noticed that many of the tourists drive in campers in Norway, which is not much of a surprise in a Scandinavian country where they have the so-called 'everyone's-right'. One can stay or spend the night on any place, on principle. But we wouldn't like to drive with a big camper on all the narrow mountain roads that we have been on until now.
The sea at SvolværThe landscape on the Lofoten is much rougher than on the Vesterålen and only near the coast are some straight and flat pieces. First we drive to Svolvær, the capital of Austvagøya and the biggest village on the Lofoten with 4100 inhabitants. Near the harbour we find a nice outdoor pub where we enjoy the sun and the pleasant fuss of the harbour.
Drying stockfishThe islands Moskenesøya, Flakstadøya, Vestvågøya, Gimsøya, Austvågøya and Henningsvær are linked to one another by impressive bridges and tunnels. Fishing and the whole fishing industry are the main sources of income for the people living on this archipelago. To the right racks with stockfish. We are surprised there is still fish on the racks because the season for that is over, everybody tells us.
Deserted roads A lonely houseThere are several villages on the islands, mostly situated along the coast, but sometimes we see a lost and lonely house in the wilderness. Words almost can't describe how fantastic this landscape really is, at least, we cannot.
Mountaineous area Mountaineous areaSlowly, we drive southwards and we take almost every side road we come across. Small coastal roads, often unpaved, which lead through beautiful regions. But it takes more time than we expect and we are really glad that we have the whole day tomorrow to venture more into these islands.
Horse on the road Austvågøya, LaukvikThis time we encounter not reindeer on the road, but a young cow and a horse, just when we come out of a dark tunnel.
After a beautiful and impressive trip we return to the camping near Laukvik, situated on the most northerly island of the Lofoten, Austvågøya.
At the campsite At the campsiteWe make ourselves at home in our new cabin and then prepare ourselves for the trip of tomorrow. Every night we examine the route for the next day and read about the areas where we will pass through. On the map we mark the places we want to see with a cross and which byroads we want to take. It would be a shame if we would miss something because of lack of preparation, especially when we are only for a short time in each region.
Austvågøya, LaukvikUntil quite late we can sit outside to read a bit and admire the surrounding landscape. We decide (not for the first time) that Holland would look much prettier when they would put a few mountains throughout the country.


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