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Namsos - Oppdal (via Trondheim)

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Wednesday 03 July, Namsos - Oppdal (via Trondheim)

At Valøy Prehistoric paintingsToday we continue our way to the south. First we turn off at Steinkjer, onto road 763 which leads us along the Snåsavatnet-lake to the prehistoric rock drawings near Valøy. It is a nice area and we can vividly imagine that people would like to live here. To the right a picture of the most impressive drawing: a man steering a small boat. It looks a bit like a surfboard or a tiny sailing ship.
Trondheim TrondheimAfter this trip we drive back to Steinkjer and then on to Trondheim, after Oslo and Bergen the biggest city of Norway. The Nidaros cathedral is the most imposing building. The construction of it started back in 1070.
Trondheim TrondheimBut there are many interesting buildings in this city, as the pictures show. We have the feeling that we haven't been to a real city for a long time.
At Trondheim Norwegian trollThe weather has been very good and warm the whole day and we have lunch at an outdoor café. In fact, we have been quite lucky with the weather, just a few cloudy days and just a few times a shower until now. But it wouldn't last. The sky becomes overcast and suddenly rain starts pouring down.
We shelter in a shop where they sell all sorts of trolls, and we buy one, although they are very expensive. We buy a small one (not the one on the picture) for € 18. We should have bought more souvenirs from the Sami in Finland; they were much cheaper there!
After an hour the rain stops falling but the sky still looks threatening. But now we are here, we have to walk through the city and see a bit of it. On the central square of Trondheim we come across our neighbours; what a small world it is...
House at OppdalThere is much more to tell about this day and the pretty route that we have driven, but we are tired; tired of all the driving, the long distances and all the impressions we have gained. Soon we fall asleep in our log cabin in Oppdal, unaware whether the sun sets and at what time.


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