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Scandinavia: travelogue summer 2002

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Scandinavia: travelogue summer 2002

We outline a long route through Scandinavia, through Denmark, Sweden and Finland to the North Cape. But we are most delighted about Norway and especially the island groups in the north. From the North Cape we descend to the south along the fjords and islands. It is a fantastic trip and when it comes to natural beauty, Norway is now first on our list! With more than 11,000 kilometers in 25 days, it is also the longest journey so far.


Groningen - Øksendrup , Odense


From Øksendrup via Copenhagen to Sweden, Malmø
Taking a long detour from Jälluntofta to Nyköping
From Nyköping to Stockholm, via Trosa


Turku - Helsinki, our first time in Finland
Helsinki - Jyväskylä - Oulo, we see mainly forests
Oulu - Tornio (with a detour to Luleå, Sweden)
Tornio - Ivalo, we pass the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi


From Ivalo (Finland) to the North Cape
From North Cape to Alta (via Hammerfest)
Alta - Krokelvdalen, we visit Tromsø
To Sortland on the Vesterålen
From Vesterålen to the Lofoten
Driving the Lofoten from north to south
From the Lofoten to Fauske
Namsos - Oppdal (via Trondheim)
Oppdal - Loen (stave churches, Geirangerfjord)
Loen - Øvre Årdal, Jostedalsbre glacier
Trip to Oslo


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