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Scandinavia: travelogue summer 2002

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Scandinavia: travelogue summer 2002

We outline a long route through Scandinavia that takes us to the North Cape. But the most captivated we are by Norway and especially the islands in the north. It is a fantastic trip!


Groningen - Øksendrup , Odense


From Øksendrup via Copenhagen to Sweden, Malmø
Taking a long detour from Jälluntofta to Nyköping
From Nyköping to Stockholm, via Trosa


Turku - Helsinki, our first time in Finland
Helsinki - Jyväskylä, we see mainly forests
From Jyväskylä to Oulo, more woods
Oulu - Tornio (with a detour to Luleå, Sweden)
Tornio - Ivalo, we pass the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi
Ivalo - Norway, through northern Finland


From Ivalo (Finland) to the North Cape
From North Cape to Alta (via Hammerfest)
Alta, looking for a gorge
Alta - Krokelvdalen, we visit Tromsø
To Sortland on the Vesterålen
From Vesterålen to the Lofoten
Driving the Lofoten from north to south
From the Lofoten to Fauske
Fauske - Namsos (crossing the arctic circle)
Namsos - Oppdal (via Trondheim)
Oppdal - Loen (stave churches, Geirangerfjord)
Loen - Øvre Årdal, Jostedalsbre glacier
Trip to Oslo
Back to Denmark


Safaripark at Givskud, Århus
Bredsten - Groningen, the homeward journey to wet Holland

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