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Route through Scandinavia, summer 2002

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Scandinavia itinerary 2002

Our route through ScandinaviaIn Holland we booked a cabin-tour through Scandinavia. The red points on the map are the places where we stay overnight. But we booked 4 more nights, two before the trip (in Denmark and Sweden) and two extra after the trip (in Denmark).
It is a nice and long journey and we almost never stay in one place more than one night. But probably we won't have much time for cities like Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo. We have booked already, but the next time we would have rather planned an itinerary ourselves.
In the end we had driven 11,267 kilometers!


Groningen - Øksendrup, Odense


From Øksendrup via Copenhagen to Sweden, Malmø
Via Jönköping, along the Vättermeer and through Tiveden national park to Nyköping.
Via Trosa to Stockholm


In the morning we arrive at Turku. Via some byroads (castle ruin) we drive to Helsinki.
Helsinki - Jyvëskylë, we mainly see lots of woods
Van Jyvëskylë to Oulo, more woods
Oulu - Tornio, a sparsely populated area, beautiful landscapes. And a visit to Luleå, Sweden.
Tornio - Ivalo. To Rovaniemi, capital of Finnishs Lapland and we will pass the polar circle.
Ivalo - Noorwegen, through North-Finland


Via Karasjok to the North Cape
Via Hammerfest to Alta
Alta. Searching for the famous canyon near Alta, but in vain.
Alta - Krokelvdalen, a visit to Tromsø
To Sortland on de Vesterålen
From Vesterålen to the Lofoten
Driving the Lofoten from north to south, until Å. Many nice villages and panoramic views. Vikingmuseum at Borg.
Laukvik - Fauske. With the ferry over the Vestfjord. To the Saltstraum, the strongest maelstrom of the world.
Fauske - Namsos. Again we pass the polar circle. At Mo i Rama a visit to the Gronliga grot.
Namsos - Oppdal. A visit to Trondheim.
Oppdal - Loen. Throught the Dovrefjell National Park. Stave churches, road 258, Geiranger fjord. Wonderful!
Loen - Øvre Årdal. Twice we cross the de Sognefjord, the deepest and longest of the world.
Øvre Årdal - Skarnes via Oslo.


Back to Denmark
An extra day in Denmark: safaripark Givskud, Billung, runestone at Jelling, Århus.
Bredsten - Groningen. The last drive; entering Holland it starts to rain.

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