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Information about Poland

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Information about Poland

Facts about Poland

The (national) flag
Official name Rzeczpospolita Polska (= Poolse republiek)
Surface 312.685 square kilometer (7,65 x the Netherlands)
Inhabitants 38.5 million (2016)
Population density 123 people per km²
Capital Warszawa (Warsaw)
Currency Zloty (Zlt), divided into 100 groszy. 1 Zlt is about € 0,23; 1 € = about Zlt 4,26
Road network There is one highway, not finished yet, but most are twolane roads which are reasonbly well passable. Maximum speed limit is 90 km. on these roads. There are a lot of traffic controls!
Fuel prices For actual fuel prices in all European countries see Autotraveler.ru.
Code licence plate PL
Telephone countrycode 48
Internet countrycode .pl
Time difference GMT+1; the same time as in the Netherlands

Geographic data

Poland is situated east of Germany and borders to 6 other countries. In the north it has a coastline of almost 500 km., along the Baltic Sea. The biggest part of Poland is flat, only in the south there are hilly and mountainous areas (Tatra and the Giant Mountains).
More information at insidecountryinfo.com and www.ciesin.edu.

PopulationNaar boven

Before the second world war, 65% of the the population of Poland was Polish, now it is 98%. Look at 1upinfo.com to find out more about this.

LanguagesNaar boven

The Polish language belongs to the western Slavian branch of Baltic-Slavian languages. This family belongs to the Indogerman languages, to which also Czech, Russian and Bulgarian belong. Have a look at 1upinfo.com to get to know more about the language.

HistoryNaar boven

Because of it's situation between powerfull nations like Russia, the former German empire Pruisen and Austria, many wars have been fought over and on Polish territory. The borders of Poland have been shifting quite a few times.
We have decided not to write a detailed history anymore, since we would have to cite other sources that are often on the internet as well. Instead a few links with more information about Polish history:
Country-guide-study, a thorough overview of Polish history
The history of Poland, Polish history, from 966 AD until 1990

ClimateNaar boven

The climate of Poland is influenced by two weather systems: the moderate seaclimate coming from the Atlantic Ocean and the drier landclimate coming from Asia.
More information can be found at 1upinfo.com.

Flora and faunaNaar boven

The forest of Bialowieska in eastern Poland is the last remainder of the original forests that once covered whole Europe. Since July 2003 extensive logging has started after the Polish government gave permission to cut trees that are over a hundred years old.
More information about Polish flora and fauna at poland.gov.pl.

The actual weather

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