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Tarifa - Albufeira, at last we arrive in Portugal

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Portugal, summer 2001, Tarifa - Albufeira, at last we arrive in Portugal

Finally, we leave southern Spain and enter Portugal, the target of our trip. But it is a habit of us to encounter interesting things along the way, so it always takes more time to arrive somewhere than we plan. This time we encountered the Archeodrome in France, Andorra because Teije wants to visit that country, Barcelona because we both want to see it, especially the buildings made by Gaudi, Cordoba because we are in the neighbourhood and the same is true about Gibraltar.
But we have reached Portugal on the 9th day of our holiday. Friends of ours (a Portuguese man and a Dutch woman) have recently moved to Portugal, so we have decided to visit them, also. They live in Albufeira, so there we go first.
Camping AlbufeiraIn Albufeira we get lost totally before we find the campsite, after asking several people for directions. It is quite a luxurious campsite, but not on the beach. That isn't necessary for us, we aren't people who like being on the beach for hours... well, that is what we think at that time...
Our tent at the campsite Our tent at the campsiteWe set up our tent on a quiet spot and then start to explore the campsite which takes us over an hour. There are several swimming pools, restaurants and an extensive security at the gate. The prices are correspondingly: € 17 per night for 2 people, 1 small tent and a car.
At night we phone with our friends and make an appointment for tomorrow. Next we walk into the old city centre of Albufeira, a very attractive place with a nice market square. For the next ten days that we stay at Albufeira we make a habit of it to walk to this place and have a drink or a meal on the market square, enjoying the warm weather, the people and the atmosphere. Surprisingly, we haven't made any pictures of the place!


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