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Albufeira, a day at the beach we will never forget

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Portugal, summer 2001, Albufeira, a day at the beach we will never forget

Again, we have an appointment with Monique who wants to show us more pretty places. In the beginning it is somewhat confusing with all the building that is taking place. One moment we think we were kilometers out of town and then we discover it is only another new quarter.
At Moniques house At Moniques workShe takes us home to show her house and to the souvenir shop were she works (more than 40 hours a week with little money. But that still makes Portugal so cheap for tourists!).
Monique has to get back to work and we first drive back to our tent to have a rest. It is allright when we stay in the shadow, but in the sun it is really very hot and we spill a lot of water to keep ourselves cool.
In the seaAfter this pause we get into our car and make a long drive through the neighbourhood. Then we go to the beach since it is 40° Celsius or more and stay there for a couple of hours. We are not really beach-people but with these temperatures one doesn't have much choice. Taking a book with us, we really enjoy it.
At the beach Elisabeth at the beachMonique has shown us a very pretty and quiet beach, only known to the locals. And there we stay, hour after hour, in the bright sun. Of course we can stand the sun...
Elisabeth has burned her skin rather badly and at night, having a meal, she is getting really sick: a cold fever, nauseous, unmistakable she has a sunstroke. It becomes a very difficult night for her with fever, a highly aching skin and nausea. We have warned her...


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