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Through the Monchique mountains, a painful drive

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Portugal, summer 2001, Through the Monchique mountains, a painful drive

The next day Elisabeth looks like a wreck and that is also the way she feals. We decide to make a trip to the Monchique, a mountain range northwest of Albufeira, since staying at the tent she also will feel miserable.
Village in the Monchique mountainsThis low mountain range is a natural border between the Algarve and the Alentejo-province. It is a beautiful region, but Elisabeth can't really enjoy the trip. Certainly not after 150 kilometers with nothing but curves every hundred meters.
After a stop at a restaurant we decide we best drive back to the campsite. Elisabeth stays near the tent and Teije goes into the old town on his own, grabbing his freedom. He walks around a bit, has a meal and a drink and watches the colorful people walking by. The square is a vivid place and there is always much to be seen.
Nevertheless, we have seen some new, beautiful parts of the country, unfortunately very difficult to put down in words or pictures. The trip we have made went from Albufeira to Portimao, through the Monchique mountain range, to Odemira and via Lagos back to the campsite, about 300 kilometers. But it has been a hard day for Elisabeth.


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