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Albufeira, a quiet day

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Portugal, summer 2001, Albufeira, a quiet day

Elisabeth feels much better today, except for a continuous and irritating itch. And the skin is coming loose. Until the end of the holiday we try to pull the loose skin, in the beginning even very large pieces. After breakfast we first walk from the old village harbor along the beach to the new touristic centre.
The harbour of Albufeira Beach at AlbufeiraKilometers in the burning heat, but fortunately we come upon many bars. We really need to rest now and then to cool down. We walk back along another road where there are no places to rest or sit, just single trees, hundred meters apart, so we have to walk from tree to tree to be in the shadow.
ThirstIt is a walk for almost two kilometers and it is almost a torture in this heat, without any bars. At the first one we see we stop and stay for an hour to refill ourselves with softdrinks.
At the campsite, AlbufeiraIt is too hot to become too active, so what shall we do? We almost don't dare, but Elisabeth makes the decision: 1 hour to the beach. Clearly, her sunstroke is much better because we stay for almost three hours. Also we start to get used to the idea that being on the beach for a few hours can be very nice and relaxing.
Most times, when we are on holiday, we make long trips, cover great distances by car or on foot. We always want to see as much as possible, but this gives us a good rest and we like it. We had never expected we would like to be at a beach for such long times.
At night we have an extensive meal with Enrique and Monique and they show us Albufeira by night.


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