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A last quiet day at Albufeira

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Portugal, summer 2001, A last quiet day at Albufeira

We want to spend one last, quiet day in Albufeira, but then it is time to move on. We don't want to be idle for the rest of our holiday. So we start with a visit to our 'own' beach.
Beach near AlbufeiraThere are a handful of people on a beach of more than a kilometer long. We have to drive off-road around the village and then walk hundred metres, across a long wooden footbridge over the dunes. It is a very quiet place.
With Enrique and Monique in a barIn the afternoon we have a long drive off-road and it is amazing to see how many houses, mostly luxurious villa's, there are in the middle of nowhere and how many new ones were being build, with swimming pools from where one probably can see the sea in the distance. Nice place to stay when we are retired.
Of course we have to meet Monique and Enrique for a last time and we have a drink in an outdoor café. We notice a small cool wind, so the temperature is getting more bearable, at most 35°C. Still a nice temperature to have a cold beer.
At night we go out to have dinner in the old centre of Albufeira where gipsies try to sell their merchandise and get around the police. They unpack their merchandise within a few seconds and have it packed again in seconds when their familymembers on the corners of the square warn them. A ritual that is repeated many times.


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